Awesome / Texhnolyze

  • Yoshii appears to be an average person who wouldn't be able to survive a fight, and explicitly tries to avoid such things...until two guys try to mug him and he takes them out in a blink.
  • Onishi's first encounter with a pair of upstart Union members immediately shifts him to badass territory.
    • He takes down two Racan trying to run him over on a bike by smacking both of them off the bike with his sword.. while it's sheathed.
  • In episode 6 after three straight episodes of wandering around confused (having to get used to new limbs is not easy), Ichise manages to come across the man who crippled him. Using his new arm, Ichise grabs the sword and throws it into the leg of a nearby gun wielding mook, then proceeds to punch the man into the ground - only using his non-texhnolyzed arm. Revenge is a dish best served awesome.
    • His Big Damn Heroes moment when he saves Onishi from Yoshii and punches him off of the building counts.
  • When Kimata finally reveals his Texhnolyzed arm, and his men choose to stand behind him anyway and begin reciting their slogan in unison.