Awesome / Tenkai Knights

  • Near the end of episode 2, just when it looks like Granox and Slyger are going to finish off Guren / Bravenwolf and Ceylan / Tributon. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the other two Tenkai Knights Valorn and Lydendor arrive on the scene and save everyone.
    Lydendor: I know we weren't invited, but were crashing this party. Hope you got extra goody bags.
  • After being pushed around by Slyger all of episode 3, watching Guren and the others finally working together to beat him is very satisfying.
    Guren: We're the Tenkai Knights! And we're back!
    Slyger: (meekly) Motherboard!
  • "Proto Jet! Phoenix Attack!"
  • Watching Toxsa's mini moments of awesome back on earth in episode 5. Like mastering the level 8 vault jump, catching a large stack of books one of the teachers nearly dropped on him, too confronting and taming the school's runaway mascot, a wild boar.
  • Guren / Bravenwolf's first transformation into Titan Mode in episode 6 while battling Vilius.
    Chooki/Lydendor: Yeah let the crazy out!
  • In episode 7, "Tributon Extreme" Beag proves his more then just a Flat Character by fooling Slyger into stealing a "fake" Dragon cube so he and the Corekai can retrieve the real one without further Corrupted interference.
    • That and Ceylan / Tributon selflessly fighting off Slyger, despite being forced to face him all alone do to the others being captured or injured thus achieving Tributon's Tenkai Titan Mode.
  • When it appears Beag's just died by falling into a deep chasm in episode 9, the boys decide to get serious and Robofuse to make Slyger pay for his part in Beag's apparent demise.
    • The name Tenkai Thunder Cannon speaks for itself.
    • Once reunited with Beag, the boys manage to not only Robofuse normally, but manage to include Beag and his men as well forming both the Proto Jet and the Air Lancer Jet. Giving a whole new meaning to More Dakka.
  • Guren / Bravenwolf's big battle with Villius in episode 13. An epic sword fight between two Humongous Mecha superbly animated, with Visual Effects of Awesome, both fighters putting everything forward. It ends with Bravenwolf unleashing a Wave Motion Gun that apparently vaporized Villius...only for the reveal that he survived, somehow, and is ready to commence his plan.
  • For the villains, in episode 16, Slyger and Granox finally return and both show off there new Titan Modes.
    • Which Ceylan/Tributon swiftly takes away from them with his Big Damn Heroes moment.
    Ceylan/Tributon: Now playing! Tributon and the Voltjets!
  • Near the end of episode 18, Bravenwolf and Tributon unlocking Titan Fusion and literally wiping out all the clones.
  • Episode 22 starts off with an Action Prologue where Vilius has made his way to the Guardians sanctuary. Boreas and the other guardians (minus Eurus) however are not impressed with Vilius or his army. The other guardians point out that they'd normally vote on how to handle a situation like this, but Boreas points out that such a vote would be unnecessary.
    Boreas: I don't think we need to vote, do we? It's clear what our response must be. (cue Boreas and the others starting to glow with a bright white light. Preparing to attack the Corrupted)
  • Near the end of episode 23, once the boys retrieve the Black Key Gen appears and tries to take it. What happens next boils down to an all out full on bare knuckled knockdown, drag-out fight out over the key. While Gen does manage to retrieve the key, Guren did put in a good effort.
  • When it looks like Slyger and Granox have cornered Chooki and Toxsa in episode 25, only for Beag to literally blow up the adjacent wall to rescue them.
    Granox: What happened!?
    • Best of all? Beag's finally learned how to trash-talk.
  • The moment in episode 26 "A New Knight", when Guardian Eurus pulls a Heel–Face Turn and lends his strength and support the heroes.
    Villius: You can't stop me! I'll fight you all!
    Eurus: Yes, that is the role you must play in maintaining the balance.
    • Bravenwolf and Dromus using both Dragon Keys together, unlocking the power of the Tenkai Dragon, summoning the Dragon cubes. All fives Knights gain the power of Phoenix mode, working together to finish off Vilius. With Bravenwolf delivering the final blow, causing Vilius to explode.
  • Bravenwolf unlocking his new Titan mode during the battle with Boreas in episode 31, "Dojo Mojo".
  • Near the end of episode 33, Lydendor single handedly defeating Guardian Notus after attaining a new kind of Titan mode that allows him to move as fast as lightning (literally).
  • Near the end of episode 34, Tributon unlocking his new Titan mode in order to protect Bravenwolf from Venetta. Who was about to (literally) stab Bravenwolf in the back.
    Venetta: Bye, bye Bravenwolf!
    Tributon: No! (begins to glow) You mess with my friend, you mess with me!
  • After a long, harrowing battle with Guardian Eurus in episode 35, Guren goes Elemental Titan Mode and outright slices through Eurus' barrage, and then goes full Raiser Sword with his elemental attack, outright slashing Eurus' massive form in half.
  • In "A New Element" Gen finally formally switches allegiance and goes Elemental Titan!