Awesome / Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar

  • Kenshi is pretty much distilled awesomeness for the residents of Geminar. His strength and talent in manual labor, along with his disposition makes him a magnet for many of the females.
  • When he goes to the Combat Training class from Mexiah, she decides to test just how good he is. After just two attacks, Mexiah tells him to sit out the rest of the class. When questioned by the principal, she elaborates that Kenshi is far above even her in combat ability and technique, and that she doesn't have anything to teach him.
    • Made even more apparent when four male students try to bully him but he dodges everything they threw at him and when they collapse from exertion, he asks if they were done warming up.
    • The one and only time Kenshi even used his sword throughout that whole exercise was to prevent a injury: By feinting a swing to make the leader of the male students pull back his own sword, just in time to block the wild swing from another male student.
  • Even when not fighting, Kenshi's physical prowess more than overwhelms many people.
  • Kenshi's Aliens impression from the eighth episode after he finally gets in a Seikijin.
    • To elaborate, he was busy trying to save as many of the student body as he could until he spies an unused Seikijin unit. He utterly destroys a single unit in a flash and lures several more Seikijin inside an arena filled with pillars by himself, using strategies and tactics to defeat them in a way that seemed straight out of a creature horror film. Several pilots were so traumatized after facing him that they promptly quit even though their side still won in the end.
  • Yukine's Big Damn Heroes moment in episode 10, when she shows up just in the nick of time to prevent the Meteor Fall from destroying the Swan, giving Kenshi a chance to take out the reactors keeping it airborne.
  • In episode 12, Kenshi compressing the sacred mountain — a giant rock weighing possibly thousands of metric tons — to create a huge stone sword. One swing caused a huge windstorm in a village at least a mile away.
  • After spending most of the series as a Smug Snake caught between his hatred and fear of Kenshi's superiority, Dagmyer finally challenges his rival to a duel to buy time for Babalun in episode 13 — and actually carries himself with honor. He's still hopelessly outmatched, but he doesn't panic, he doesn't try any underhanded moves, he displays Villainous Valor, and when he's defeated, he just admits Kenshi's superior ability in a matter-of-fact tone.
  • Later that episode, while Kenshi's able to trounce Babalun/Gaia skill-wise, the latter's healing factor prevents him from winning. His Battle Harem came up with the idea to charge up a Combined Energy Attack to turn the tide. Just before it's ready, Gaia notices and charges at them — and Chiaia singlehandedly stops the ancient doomsday weapon. And then throws him back to the nearest cliffside and keeps him there until the attack's ready. Darn shame it didn't work...
    • And then Kenshi compresses the Tenchi-ken even further, turning the rock sword into a literal Laser Sword. Which he continues to upgrade into the far more powerful Light Hawk Sword once Chiaia properly motivates him..
  • When Emera killed off Lan near the end of the final episode. You know you cheered.

Alternative Title(s): Isekai No Seikishi Monogatari