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Awesome: Tenchi Muyo GXP
  • Kiriko putting on an invisibility cloak and showing Shank and his crew just how deadly she can be as she ruthlessly slaughters them to protect Seina. It quickly turns into Nightmare Fuel though, enough to freak Seina out and make him afraid of Kiriko for a time, played dead serious.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome (All of Episode 24 for Seina: He gets sacrificed to a god. By "god", we mean "Humongous Mecha". And by "sacrificed", we mean "made to pilot". It has to be seen to be believed.)
    • (Seiryo gets one in the last episode. His proposal is nothing short of pimptastic. Placing the ring on the rose, and then simply saying "For your birthday, my dear."? Classy and classic.)
  • Look! It's Zinv/Ginbu from Dual Parallel Trouble Adventure. Not really but it's a pretty cool double. It even has features that Zinv doesn't have!
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