Awesome / Temple Grandin

  • In the Back Story, Eustacia receives Temple's diagnosis from a Jerkass, sexist doctor, and thoroughly stands up to him.
  • Temple provides a possibly unintentional moment of Funny/Awesome, when the cattle workers try to scare her off by covering her truck in bull's testicles, she doesn't give them the horrified reaction they were hoping for.
    Temple: I've eaten bull's testicles! That's a waste of meat!
  • Temple meticulously recreating the optical illusion Dr. Carlock shows in class, at his request. The Adorkable smile from Temple adds extra triumph to this.
  • Temple giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to a group of cattle handlers who alter her cattle sorter and blame the item and her when they, naturally, lose even more cattle. She rightly points out that her device worked perfectly and that their alterations not only made it so it didn't work as intended but ended up working worse than the old method, even calling them idiots.
  • Her speech at the National Autism Convention, which stuns everyone - the misguided expert on stage, the audience, and Eustacia. Which doubles as heartwarming when Temple lets everyone know what a great Determinator and a wonderful mom Eustacia is.