Awesome / Temple Grandin

  • In the Back Story, Eustacia receives Temple's diagnosis from a Jerkass, sexist doctor, and thoroughly stands up to him.
  • Temple provides a possibly unintentional moment of Funny/Awesome, when the cattle workers try to scare her off by covering her truck in bull's testicles, she doesn't give them the horrified reaction they were hoping for.
    Temple: I've eaten bull's testicles! That's a waste of meat!
  • Temple meticulously recreating the optical illusion Dr. Carlock shows in class, at his request. The Adorkable smile from Temple adds extra triumph to this.
  • Her speech at the National Autism Convention, which stuns everyone - the misguided expert on stage, the audience, and Eustacia. Which doubles as heartwarming when Temple lets everyone know what a great Determinator and a wonderful mom Eustacia is.