* Awesome/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987
* Awesome/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2003
** Awesome/TurtlesForever
* Awesome/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012

!!!Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
* The special effects of the first movie (Done by Creator/JimHenson, the man behind ''Series/SesameStreet'' and ''Series/TheMuppetShow'', of all people) arguably make the entire thing one long Moment of Awesome, but what stands out the most are the fights between the Turtles and the Foot which are energetic and imaginative. The fact that they pulled this off with four of the principal performers in 100lb costumes and nearly blind makes it all the more impressive.
** It's not just the fights, the Turtles are all able to fully emote and even believably ''cry'' at several points. The suits immediately draw you into the illusion that these magnificent creatures are one hundred percent ''real''.
* Casey Jones telling off the junior members of the Foot after claiming that they're a "family."
-->'''Casey:''' You call this here... [indicates the members of the Foot] ...and that down there... [indicates the fallen Tatsu] ...family?
** Before that, he takes a beating from Tatsu which Casey then turns into a CurbStompBattle once he gets his hands on a golf club.
* Splinter having the Shredder at his complete mercy with a simple flick of the wrist.
** And Casey finishing him off in the garbage truck complete with a deadpan "Oops!" when he turns on the crusher.
* Michelangelo's nunchaku duel with the Foot Clan member.
* Leonardo actually scoring a hit on the Shredder.
* The rooftop fight, for its energy and SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic.
* The Turtles first real fight with the Foot Clan doesn't go their way. Raphael is injured and out of the fight, they're taken by surprise, and they are slowly being overwhelmed. It's only through the arrival of Casey Jones and a quick retreat that the Turtles survive. The rematch, however, is far different. The Turtles manage to not only hold them off, but force the entire Foot Clan to retreat. And keep in mind that their first bout at April's was only against a small contingent, while the rematch was against the entire clan!
** The best part of the the battle in April's apartment is when Casey shows up to cover the Turtle's escape and wipes the floor with the entire squad.
*** And then The Shredder himself decides to join in, and utterly thrashes the Turtles throughout the fight with only Leo managing to get in a rather minor hit. It takes Master Splinter himself to finally bring the man down through misdirection and trickery. Say what you will about his cartoon incarnation at the time, THIS Shredder was nothing short of a badass of the highest caliber.

!!!Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)
* While the second movie is LighterAndSofter, The Shredder gets a moment when at The Foot Headquarters, Tatsu challenges anyone to face him for leadership only for Shredder to walk through the door and states that he challenges and Tatsu and The Foot's [[OhCrap reactions]] to his return.
* Say what you will about the logic in the scene, but you gotta give credit to Movie!Vanilla Ice for coming up with an impromptu song-and-dance number ''on the spot'' when the Turtles crash his gig.
* In one scene, Raphael helps Keno cheat his way through a near-impossible test: removing a series of bells from a mannequin while unable to see due to using a smokescreen. ''in complete silence.'' As soon as the smokebomb clouds the room, Raph's faint silhouette can briefly be made out, and only the swift movements of his arms can be heard, before the smoke clears and Keno is holding every single bell. The scene expertly demonstrates that while the Turtles may walk around in broad daylight, wear terrible disguises, and ham it up in stealthy situations, they are still ''trained and professional ninja.'' Not only that, but the scene also demonstrates that despite his attitude and arguments with Splinter, Raph still takes his training very seriously.

!!!Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (1993)
* For all the hate that this film gets, special mention must be made of the scene where Leonardo successfully revives a child using CPR. Aside from the awesome surprise that Leo was sufficiently skilled in this if not outright certified, the performance of it looks far more realistic than one would expect of a giant turtle, especially considering the film's reputation for the turtle costumes.

!!!TMNT (2007)
* Leo gets one in ''TMNT'' after being knocked into a glass case full of giant ancient blades by one of the stone warriors. The scene cuts to him standing up, with no less than five of the swords on the hilts on his back while he's wielding two of them. "Come to daddy."
* And before that, the rooftop fight between Raph and Leo. After over twenty years of existence, we finally get to see a no holds barred fight between the two brothers, one that at first seems to be a draw before Raph manages to break Leo's blades and come a hair's breadth from killing him. While the fight itself is arguably the emotional climax of the film, the look on Raph's face and Creator/NolanNorth's performance manage to make it a truly devastating, yet still awesome, fight.
** Another one; Leo was ''owning'' Raph before TheReveal of Raph being the Nightwatcher, completely devastating him in the fistfight, it was only ''after'' Raphael's helmet was knocked off did Raph manage to even up with Leonardo, which means... Leo was holding back. And, in an ''actual'' fight to the death (as shown in the Website/ScrewAttack video), Leo would've won.
*** It may have been that, or it may have been Raph's switch from his RuleOfCool chains to his sai, the weapons he's trained with his entire life, that let him even it out.
** The animation crew at Imagi studios really deserve major credit for that sequence, the expressions as noted were incredible; especially when Raph realizes that he may have actually done the deed coupled with Leo's own harsh look of "See? this is why you're not ready," as Raph's sai is in his face.