[[WMG: Fortune's Fool]]
* The duel of the kitsune Tamiko and the evil Witch over the soul of the Shogun. Even Katya who has seen quite a lot of impressive battles gives them points for style.

* Guiliette's redemption. She saves both herself and her friends.

* [[spoiler: When Katya, Sasha, Gina and Adamant are locked in a standstill with the Jinn, The Queen of Copper Mountain pulls a BigDamnHeroes and saves the day. Pretty awesome for an isolationist that prefers to stay in her kingdom.]]

[[WMG: The Sleeping Beauty]]
* Lily's feats of magic during the EngagementChallenge Trials.
* The battle of Siegfried, Leopold, The Bear, and The Wolf against the Children of the Dragon's teeth.
* The Bird being transformed into a Firebird.

[[WMG: Beauty and the Werewolf]]
* Bella showing that she's no pushover within the first chapter in [[EstablishingCharacterMoment her response]] to [[BastardBastard Eric]] when he tries to... take liberties with her at a masked ball.