Awesome / Tales of Maj'Eyal

  • From the Backstory: Linaniil realises that her own power won't be enough to keep the enclave of mages she's planning safe from the Ziguranth, even though she can slaughter them with impunity personally. What does she do? Goes and steals the power of one of the gods the Sher'tul killed, so she can set up defenses that will work and have enough power. Everyone else who ever messed with this level of Sher'tul tech has died or worse.
    • The same incident gives a massive one to the general of Elvala, an immensely powerful Arcane Blade. Linaniil sought him out for backup for the plan, not to protect her, but to kill her if she went crazy. It wouldn't have worked, but that's only because she underestimated the powerup involved. And he may have prevented that by killing the horrors that showed up to drag her off.
  • The mere fact that Rolf and Weisman end up surviving their ordeal. In a world where almost all of the dungeon lore writers end up meeting grisly ends, seeing the most unlikely of duos actually surviving intact (well, mostly intact in Rolf's case) is seriously impressive.
  • For the player, beating Ukruk. Fighting with him is normally a Hopeless Boss Fight. He massively outlevels you at the point where you can meet him, he is lethally accurate with his weapons, and he has loads of minions. The achievement you get from beating him is...not easy, but possible.