Awesome: Taiji Sawada

  • Let's face it: His career is one. From practically developing a unique bass/guitar tapping technique himself, to playing in not one but TWO of Japan's biggest rock/metal bands, to his comeback - as short-lived and cut short as it was.
  • His comeback in his career and personal life itself. While he unfortunately ended up losing his life anyway, he made a comeback from abject poverty to having a career, and at the time of his death, an actually ascendant career with his new band TSP, and from being a homeless, mentally ill Addled Addict to being, most of the time, the Functional Addict.
  • His autobiography - as difficult as actual copies may be to find, go read the translation of it here. He was a very capable, very intelligent writer, who, while writing his autobiography, simply used it to share his version of the events that happened to him in his life - as opposed to being an enraged rant and/or tell-all expose, which he would have had every right to do with what happened to him with both X and Loudness. Instead, he showed an amazingly unwarranted level of goodwill and respect toward his former bandmates and all involved in those matters, while telling his own story.

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