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  • Report getting over his Heroic B.S.O.D. to drag Ere out of hers then carrying her on his back through four death traps while giving a speech about the Power of Friendship is one of the highlights of the "Cerebus Rising" arc next to the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming that follows.
  • Report fighting Aelf. The battle was done near a rocky precipice, and after he and Aelf go flying down, what does Report do? Leap from rock to rock, slicing Aelf as he goes along. Too bad he died soon after.
  • Report's match against XD during T3h L33t W4rz—chunking the villain with his own move to create an Ironic Karmic Death as well as marking a triumphant first appearance of his Superpowered Evil Side—after a particularly epic speech.
    • The speech itself was awesome.
      Report: "Y'know, five minutes ago I was so angry that I wanted to tear you limb from limb, duct-tape you back together, beat you to death, then revive you and beat you to death again. But that was then, and this is now, so I don't wanna do that anymore."
      XD: 50, ur 90|\||\|4 137 |v|3 0|=|=? (So, you're gonna let me off?)
      Report: "Nope, you're still gonna die a gory and excessively violent death. But see, four-and-a-half minutes ago, I learned this." *hand starts to glow* "Say 'hi' to Aelf for me."
      • This was followed by Viel's first line—which happens to be his Catch-Phrase:
        Viel: "Karma's a bitch, ain't she?"
    • Ere's fight against XD was awesome as well, even though she lost. She'd probably have won if XD wasn't hax.
  • Axel's Big Damn Heroes moment in the third part of Giga-Nippon. Made even more awesome by his incoherent rage-babble.
    Axel: "I...really, fucking hate...Giant...ROBOTS!"
  • The finale of Heavy Meta, when all of the together to stop the asteroid.
  • The cast's Lock and Load Montage during the The War of December Twenty-Third managed to double as a Crowning Moment of Funny as well.
  • The whole of the Shin Megami Trope-ay arc, especially when you realize that Report fought a literal Arsenal Of Heaven.
    • Dab Gib's triumphant return into the main comic (albeit temporarily), and his given reason for his helping Report.
      Dab: "Look, Siht; I'm the only one allowed to kick your ass, and I'll be damned if I let you lose to some god-flea before that happens!"
  • Both the ex-Dipertni Mafia and the Boryokudan Yakuza showing up as The Cavalry at the climax of Worst Case Scenario
  • Axel delivers this to Gabe early in "Worst Case":
    Axel: "Why are you just sitting there? You just lost the woman you loved, and you choose to sit there and let the guilt eat at you? Get out there and take revenge! Do honor to her memory!"
    [Gabe is nonresponsive]
    Axel: "Fine, stay here and mope. If something like this is enough to stop you, then I'm ashamed to call you my brother."
    Brynn: "Where are you going."
    Axel: "Gabe won't take vengeance, so I'm taking it for him. Get on or get out."
  • The Final Battle against OREZ. A being that was strong enough to kill 95% of the Troper population, vs an entire army. Report had to call on his Marty Stu powers to a degree he had never done before, leaving him Locked into Strangeness with half his hair going white. Yug called on the power of the Nightmare Fuel that has infected him since the Original Arc, and Ere gets to go berserk with More Dakka. That's not even adding Teller's Big Damn Hero moment, or Google-hime's intervention. All in all, the fight was a spectacular display of absolute mastery, and the Tropers of the world finally proving they are truly the most powerful beings in the world.
  • We finally meet Doog Gib, Dab and Yug's father. It's obvious where the two of them get their skills, as Doog not only easily dispatches dozens of Forum's Users, but also reveals that he has become the Head Captain of the newly recreated W.I.K.I.
    • Adding more to his introduction: He casually struts into the hotel, asks the clerk (a User) if he can rent a room, and, as the clerk pulls out a keycard, breaks the dude's wrist, then uses the keycard like a shuriken and drives it into the guy's skull! He then proceeds to absolutely annihilate the gathering Users with just that keycard. Bad. Ass.
  • Even though she's a villain, Amaterasu is so awesome that many fans were hoping she'd win. And she did.
  • Report, Ere, and Retrope get their fair share of awesome moments in Belated Happy Ending.
    • Report stabbing Susano'o with his own sword, then body-slamming him across the room!
    • Ere using a flashlight to snap an enemy's neck! WOAH.
  • The way Susano'o dies is extremely satisfying.
    • Namely, Ayaka tosses her sword to Report, who then stabs Susano'o through the heart. The thing he says makes it even more awesome.
    Report: Karma's a bitch, huh? Don't feel bad though, Siht happens. (kicks Susano'o's body off the sword)
  • The creation of the Zodiac and the truth behind Eclipse. Eclipse was a sorcerer who used the thirteen Celestial Keys in combination with the Glass Cards, creating the Zodiac. It gets more awesome from there...up until the keys were given to Eclipse to guard them, causing everything to fall apart.
  • Kaliyah's duel with Doog Gib, where she demonstrates exactly why she's the Dark Empress.
    • Namely, she stabs him multiple times, effortlessly parries most of his attacks, hacks off both his arms, slices into his leg so deeply he can't walk, and finally blows half of his face off. All while nonchalantly talking with a subordinate on the phone.
    • Kind of weakened when you learn Doog comes back.
  • Yug gets payback for his father's death, killing Kaliyah in the same way she killed Doog. And it is awesome.
    • This.
    Kaliyah: (laughs) Isn't that cute? Widdle Yuggie wants to pway with da big kids! But look on the bright side—you can join Daddy in heaven!
    (Yug takes on a murderous expression)
    Yug: DIE, DAMN YOU!!!
  • After Timey-Wimey Ball, The Reveal that the next arc will be the series's Tournament Arc. And it will be awesome.
  • During Heroes of Troperia, Yug abandoned W.I.K.I out of depression. However... when he makes his triumphant return, he's wielding a new weapon—a halberd named Rage Point— and is capable of utilizing the Nightmare Fuel inside his body to create shadowy claws and tendrils
  • The climax of Ragtag Band of Misfits. To clarify: the group of in-character people who Ophiuchus assembled to battle Noah (consisting of herself, Eclipse, Uncyclo-tan, and the Gib brothers) have finally resurrected Report after he was burned alive by the Gary Stu. Report then takes his revenge in one of the most satisfying ways possible.
  • Noah's appearance upon activating God-Mode is actually pretty awesome: golden armor, a sword made of unobtanium, and giant feathered wings.
  • The fact that Ere D. Nust will be the main villain of End of All is pretty damn awesome.
  • Wild Card Teller I. Lover vs Plot Armor, Dragon Knight, Marty Stu Report Siht. The lush forest they fought in was reduced to a desert!
  • Can we just mention Lydia? The workshop is invaded by renegade drones...and she just nonchalantly continues working on her teapot!
    • Turns out she's not the real Ultimate Blacksmith, but his apprentice. That's right, barely knows her trade and she's still better than everyone else.
  • After Smithy dies, Lydia is not only able to finish his work to fix Ere, but also create his special project: the Hammerspace Box.
  • In order to use the Infinity +1 Sword, Teller had to fight the previous users' spirits, 340 in all. He picks up a stick....the spirits didn't stand a chance.
  • The very beginning of Nine Realms involves a party to celebrate Report and Ere getting promoted.
  • Siegfried's fight with Report. Swordfights on motorcycles!
  • The whole Anti-God Force has one hell of an introduction:
    • Siegfried cutting down dozens of elves while riding his motorcycle...on treetops.
    • Blue showing off Wolverine Claws the size of swords, each swipe of her claws generating winds that sliced elves and trees.
    • Vali smiling as he drops a miniature sun on an elf villages.
    • Ted...just Ted. He pulls out Ginnungagap....and blows apart half the forest .
      • And then Freyr shows up to defend Alfheim. Let's just say that Sumarbrander is used to great effect.
  • Retrope vs. Vali. You thought Teller vs. Report was cool? This fight scorched the surface of Folkvanger itself!
    • And then we get The Reveal that Retrope's hammer is Mjolner itself!
  • Shortly after that, Retrope accidentally fishes up the World Serpent itself!
  • The Reveal that Vali wasn't just named after the mythological Vali, he is that Vali. Followed up shortly by L discarding the mask and long coat to reveal himself as Loki!
  • Agni versus Odin. The true leader of the Anti God Force against the king of the gods.
    • During the fight, Odin brings Sleipnir forth. Agni uppercuts the horse so hard, he rips its head off!
    • Then, in a desperate attempt to win, Odin uses Gungnir to finish Agni. Agni grabs Gungnir in midair and throws it back!
    • Then, the final blow: Agni reveals his Trope: Power Fist. He charges his power into a massive shadowy gauntlet and proceeds to punch a hole through the king of gods!
      • Then Word of God says Agni wasn't even using 10% of his full power!
  • "Hi, I'm Minerva, and I like to have a job well done, thank you very much." Said by Minnie before hurling Yug off the airship they were fighting on.
  • Minnie's trope - Rule of Cool - allows her to mop the floor with Ere.
  • Even though he's mostly Comic Relief, Reginald gets a moment when he's holding Report at gunpoint.
    Report: Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is all about?
    Reginald: (shoots him) No.
  • Parody Sue. Report and Ere vs. Mary Sue. Holy crap.
  • The final battle of Freaky February. After learning that Alexa’s cats are actually the victims of her body swap device, and that Alexa’s real, sickly body is being kept in cryogenic stasis, what does Ere do? Grab some giant mechs and launch a full-out assault on W.I.K.I. Headquarters for her old body.