Awesome / System Shock

  • Quite possibly one of the most poignant one on this page occurs in the finale of System Shock 2. The Heroic Mime player character is offered the chance to become the Big Bad's prophet and partner, in order to rule the universe as one.
  • The Reveal of System Shock 2. "The Polito form is dead, insect."
    • "I AM SHODAN" Sends shivers down your spine even just thinking of it.
  • Bronson's last stand, which either reforms or damns her character, your call.
    Bronson: They've killed my men and now they've killed me. I'm holding my guts inside me with both hands. I'm almost done. Resist! This is bigger than my little life, the lives of my men, and the lives of the people I was forced to kill. Resist! Humanity demands it! Resist!!!
  • Diego in the second game managed to free himself from The Many by ripping the annelid out of his own skull. He's the sole crewmember you interact with in person.
  • On a meta example, someone rigged his burglar alarm to the game's alarm sound and a few of Xerxes's voice lines. It blends scarily well with the stock siren.