!![[Theatre/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet The musical]]

* Tragically left out of the film adaptation, when sweet little Johanna [[spoiler:kills the asylum worker holding her captive]], something Anthony had been unable to do.
* "I will have vengeance! I will have salvation!"
* Also sadly left out of the film, "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd". It's meant to sound like a ''Dies Irae''.
* "A Little Priest" (my favourite version of it is the [=Patti LuPone=]/George Hearn concert version). Utterly breathtaking, utterly hilarious, and a perfect finale to the first act.
* Watching Sweeney take his sweet time shaving the guy and ''still'' beating Signor Pirelli is pretty awesome.
* Michael Ball's entire performance in the 2012 London revival. He's a terrific musical theatre actor and singer, but he's also one of the last people you would think of for the title role, which is a 180-degree turn from all of the roles for which he's most famous. He ends up knocking it out of the park with an utterly ''terrifying'' portrayal.

!![[Film/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet The 2007 film]]

* "At last! My arm is complete again." This one's a Moment of Awesome mainly because of the SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic that kicks in as the camera pans out, which replaces "Lift your razor high, Sweeney! / Hear it singing, yes!" from the stage version.
* Similarly, his duet with Judge Turpin in "Pretty Women", which is bone-chillingly creepy-awesome.
* Sweeney going into StartOfDarkness mode in "Epiphany":
--> '''Sweeney:''' I will have vengeance! / I will have salvation!
* Mrs. Lovett, after Sweeney has killed Signore Pirelli and has suggested merely burying him in a secret place, instead suggests they ''bake him into pies and sell him to the people of London''. Awesome, indeed.
* Anthony rescuing Johanna from BedlamHouse and then [[spoiler: leaving Mr. Fogg, the asylum keeper, at the mercy of his "children."]] Bad. Ass.
* And of course:
--> [[spoiler:'''Judge Turpin:''' How seldom it is one meets a fellow spirit.]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Sweeney Todd:''' With fellow tastes... in women at least.]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Judge Turpin:''' [''unsettled''] What's that?]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Sweeney Todd:''' [[NoDoubtTheYearsHaveChangedMe The years, no doubt, have changed me]], sir. But then I suppose the face of a barber, the face of a prisoner in the dock, is not particularly memorable.]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Judge Turpin:''' [''[[OhCrap with immense shock]]''] Benjamin... Barker...]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Sweeney Todd:''' '''BENJAMIN BARKER!!!''' [''cue the bloodiest vengeance ever''] ]]
* The ever practical Mrs. Lovett's "That's all very well, but what are we gonna do about him?"
** And of course the [[spoiler:''danse macabre'' after Todd realizes he killed his wife and that Mrs. Lovett had lied to him about her being dead -- complete with him complimenting Mrs. Lovett on being "eminently practical and appropriate as always" before throwing her into her own oven.]]