[[caption-width-right:350: The Death of Superman]]

Superman, pretty much the original super-hero and possibly the greatest of all time.
!![[Franchise/{{Superman}} The storylines]]
* ''Awesome/AllStarSuperman''
* ''Awesome/TheBlackRing''
* ''Awesome/TheDeathOfClarkKent''
* ''Awesome/ForTheManWhoHasEverything''
* ''Awesome/HelOnEarth''
* ''Awesome/KryptoniteNevermore''
* ''Awesome/KryptonNoMore''
* ''Awesome/KryptonReturns''
* ''Awesome/NewKrypton''
* ''Awesome/TheSupermanAdventures''
* ''Awesome/SupermanAtEarthsEnd''
* ''Awesome/SupermanBatman''
* ''Awesome/SupermanBirthright''
* ''Awesome/SupermanBrainiac''
* ''Awesome/SupermanDoomsday''
* ''Awesome/SupermanLoisAndClark''
* ''Awesome/SupermanSecretIdentity''
* ''Awesome/SupermanUnchained''
* ''Awesome/SupermanVsTheAmazingSpiderMan''
* ''Awesome/WarWorld''
* ''Awesome/WhateverHappenedToTheManOfTomorrow''

!!The supporting cast
* ''Awesome/{{Brainiac}}''
* ''Awesome/JimmyOlsen''
* ''Awesome/{{Legion Of Super-Heroes}}''
* ''Awesome/LexLuthor''
* ''Awesome/LoisLane''
* ''Awesome/{{Supergirl}}'' [-(see that page for individual Supergirl storylines)-]

!!The Movies
* ''Awesome/SupermanTheMovie''
** ''Awesome/SupermanII''
** ''Awesome/SupermanIII''
** ''Awesome/SupermanIVTheQuestForPeace''
** ''Awesome/SupermanReturns''
* ''Awesome/ManOfSteel''
** ''Awesome/BatmanVSupermanDawnOfJustice''

!!The Animated Series
* ''Awesome/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries''
* ''Awesome/SupermanVsTheElite''

!!Comic Books:
!!!Golden Age
* Waaaayyyy back in 1938, the cover of ''ComicBook/ActionComics'' #1 managed to get attention by showing a certain brightly-costumed character performing the never-before-seen feat of ''[[SuperStrength lifting a car over his head, and smashing it to pieces!]]''.
* If one still doubts the strength of the iconic cover art alone cementing the series as a hit, keep in mind that Action Comics #1 was an anthology comic with several different stories, with Supes' first adventure getting sandwiched in out of desperation for new material. And for the next 13 issues, the cover didn't feature Superman at all--but the comic was ''still'' selling like hotcakes because people were buying the new issues just to see if more Superman stories were included! The sheer ''idea'' of reading a new Superman story was enough to drive sales of the comics, all on the strong first impression of his debut comic! From #15 and on, they wised up and gave Superman permanent top billing on the covers from then on out, and eventually just dropped the anthology format to make it a standalone Superman book, even though he ended up having his own self-named comic book running alongside it! The rest is history.
* Supes' establishing character moments in Action Comics #1. When forcing his way into the governors house, he shows off his strength for the first time by effortlessly lifting the butler over his head. When he finds out the governors room is sealed with a steel door, [[DungeonBypass he easily tears it loose]], to the shock of the butler. Then the Butler tries to shoot him at point blank range, and Superman doesn't even flinch.
* In the same story, Superman immediately comes to the rescue of a housewife who is being beaten by her husband. [[WifeBasherBasher Superman]] [[http://www.dialbforblog.com/archives/111/action1shuster.gif flings the jerk so hard against a wall, it cracks!]]
* Superman fighting the KKK - both on [[Radio/TheAdventuresOfSuperman the radio show]] and in real life.
** A little context to the awesome... the aforementioned KKK-fighting occurred back in the 1930s or '40s, when the KKK was still "respectable" (or, as respectable as a bunch of racist kooks in pointy hoods can be) and when membership in the organization was in the South less reputation suicide as it was a savvy career move. He fought them in real life by putting actual KKK rituals and passwords into their appearance in the show; this naturally made them something of a laughingstock by showing how ''silly'' they were.

!!!Silver Age
* In his first appearance -''Comicbook/ActionComics'' #242-, Franchise/{{Superman}} was unable to beat Comicbook/{{Brainiac}}. Superman threw chunks of planetoid at Brainiac until he ran out of planetoid. The whole time Brainiac just stood still, grinning and letting his deflector shields take the blows.

!!!Bronze Age
* ''Superman'' (vol. 1) #297. "Clark Kent FOREVER -- Superman NEVER!" If the title didn't tip you off, this is ADayInTheLimelight for Clark himself, where he gets romantic with [[HotScoop Lois]], tells off [[DaChief Morgan Edge]], and punches out [[JerkJock Steve Lombard]]. But his best moment in the story is [[spoiler:his anti-gravity battle against Intergang, putting his weightless space maneuvering skills into effective use]].
* In ''Superman'' Volume 1 #338, Comicbook/{{Brainiac}} accidentally hits himself with his shrinking ray, and he pleads with Comicbook/{{Supergirl}} to save him, but [[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_pScx8BN4h3s/SQcs5LyKRiI/AAAAAAAABds/PkQTfwvrabE/s1600-h/superman+338+-08.jpg Supergirl coolly states that the enlarging ray has not enough energy left to save Superman, Kandor and him, so Brainiac is out of luck]]. Even Superman begs her use the ray to save Brainiac, [[http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_pScx8BN4h3s/SQcsz6v8owI/AAAAAAAABdk/GD76xYl-w1g/s1600-h/superman+338+-09.jpg and she replies: "Cousin... NO!"]]
* An old 70's ''Action Comics'' 100 pager: The lead story has a sort of Injustice League capturing every single [=JLAer=] except Superman. Superman makes his way to their satellite, melts Sinestro's ring, and promptly wipes up the villains... save Brainiac who takes down Supes, but not before he can free the Flash who frees the rest.
* In the novel ''Literature/MiracleMonday'', Superman defeats ''The Devil's Agent On Earth'' by simply *refusing* to kill its innocent host - which was what the demon wanted all along, since making Superman break his non-killing vow would have ruined him emotionally (and robbed the world of its greatest inspiration) forever.
** Also vaguely heartwarming - the innocent host was a descendant of one of his supporting cast, specifically Jimmy.
* In ''Comicbook/WarWorld'', Superman is trying to find ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'', who has just gone missing. He flies so fast than he ''breaks'' the bounds of ''reality'' and is stopped by ''ComicBook/TheSpectre''. Superman tries to fight him but The Spectre completely {{No Sell}}s his power -Silver Age Superman's power!- before teaching Superman a lesson about power and responsibility and help him find Kara. Oh, and ''{{God}}'', -yes, God!- [[http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-gFnnrVDIjZY/Tp2cgi8yrHI/AAAAAAAAND8/BEZ235eKhcE/s1600/dccp+29-09.jpg talks to Superman]] and calls him "a good and faithful son".
* In the Creator/AlanMoore's ''ComicBook/ForTheManWhoHasEverything'', Superman to Mongul:
-->'''Mongul''': Happy birthday, Kryptonian. I give you oblivion.\\
'''Superman''': [[http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/burn.jpg Burn.]]\\
''(blasts Mongul with heat vision at point-blank range)''
* Artistically, the cover of ''ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths'' #7, which was ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'s [=CMoA=].
* ''Comicbook/WhateverHappenedToTheManOfTomorrow'':
** "[[BerserkButton You hurt]] '''''[[BerserkButton LANA]]'''?!''"
** Superman kills Mister Mxyzptlk with the PhantomZone projector.
** There's one even earlier than that. [[spoiler: After exposing Superman's SecretIdentity on live television AND killing Pete Ross]], the Toyman and Prankster [[TooDumbToLive continue to mock him via radio]]. Superman's response:
--->'''Superman:''' Let me ask you one question. Do you know what radio waves look like?\\
'''Toyman:''' Huh? No, why?\\
* cut to Superman smashing into Toyman and Prankster's hideout*\\
'''Superman:''' ''' ''BECAUSE I DO!'' '''

* Superman, in ''Action Comics'' #775, after defeating a team made up of ''ComicBook/TheAuthority'' pastiches (complete with RealityWarper) without stooping to their level and killing them:
-->'''Manchester Black''': ''If you think this is over, then you're living in a bloody dream world!''
-->'''Superman''': ''You know what, Black...? I wouldn't have it any other way. Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul, I swear... until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality we all share - I'll never stop fighting. Ever.''
* To make it better, in the process of beating him, Superman gives Manchester Black a taste of his own medicine by explaining, as Manchester's powers shut down on him, that Superman used precise heat vision to lobotomize Manchester and remove the parts of his brain that control his powers. After Manchester spends several minutes freaking out and feeling utterly violated, Superman reveals that all he actually did was give Manchester a concussion at superspeed to set up a ruse and show Manchester what it felt like to be on the receiving end of that kind of brutality.
* In ''ComicBook/SupermanRedSon'', an {{Elseworld}}s comic where Superman was raised in the Soviet Union:
** Luthor brings Superman to his knees. Luthor [[spoiler:drives the Man of Steel to despair and near-suicide with a note left in Lois's breast pocket, who then tells Superman to use his X-ray vision to read the note. "Why don't you just put the whole WORLD in a BOTTLE, Superman?"]]
** For background purposes, understand that Superman had [[spoiler:united the entire world, save for the USA, into the Soviet Union. He had abolished crime and poverty at the cost of abolishing freedom of thought. Those who spoke out against Communism had their brains rewritten. His eyes and ears were everywhere. Yet Superman considered Brainiac's shrinking of Stalingrad into a bottle as his greatest failure. In light of this, Lex wrote the above sentence while saying to Lois: ''"What am I DOING? Well, they say the pen is mightier than the sword, Lois. So I'm distilling everything Superman hates and fears about himself into a SINGLE SENTENCE."'']] Purely sublime.
** And, then there's Superman himself defeating the Green Lantern Marine Corps. Luthor was crazy to use thought-based weapons on someone faster than the speed of thought...
** Superman vs. Bizarro.
* A few moments from the ''ComicBook/TheDeathOfSuperman'' arc:
** Superman makes the ultimate sacrifice and is forced to break his golden rule: he and Doomsday take each other out at the same time. Naturally quickly followed by an enormous tearjerker even though we know how the story goes.
** During the funeral storyline, Jonathan Kent suffers a heart attack, dies, and meets Superman in an afterlife that turns out to be a trap set by demons. He helps Clark snap out of it and fights his way back to life, saving them both.
** Steel's no-nonsense admonishing of the irresponsible Superboy and the Eradicator over how they were essentially spending more time strutting over how they're Superman instead of acting like it.
** Or how about Superboy, [[spoiler:after failing to pull a nuke away from Metropolis, punching it into the sea at the last minute]] proving that in fact, he can be a serious hero.
** Steel shutting down Engine City is a CMOA for both him and his opponent. Steel goes in to the heart of the engine to shut it down, and [[spoiler:the Cyborg]] FORMS A BODY OUT OF THE WALLS to attack him. Cue an epic fight, where Steel is tossed about but keeps hanging in there in an effort to trick [[spoiler:Henshaw]] into revealing how the engine works so Steel can figure out how to stop it, but [[spoiler:The Cyborg]] states that the engine is too impossibly complex for a mere human to comprehend, much less shut down. So the Man of Steel lives up to his namesake and [[spoiler:grabs the Cyborg's monstrous construct and flies them both into the building-size gears powering the engine, saving the entire Earth and redeeming himself for designing the Toastmasters.]]
** And yet, nothing tops when the man himself finally puts the suit and the cape back on.
* In ''ComicBook/SupermanBrainiac'':
** The title baddie's androids and machines nearly manage to destroy both Superman and Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}.
** Supergirl intercepts and destroys safely a missile which would have blown up the '''Sun'''.
** Superman smashes Brainiac off his ship, and lands on his head:
--->'''Superman:''' [[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_pScx8BN4h3s/SO9rb1TDIwI/AAAAAAAABS0/3ArJ9419ChQ/s1600-h/action+870+pan+5.jpg "Welcome to Earth, Brainiac."]]
* ''Superman Beyond'' - "This looks like a job for Superman. For all of them." Cue epic team-up between Superman, Captain Marvel and the former Nazi Superman.
* The time he killed Lex Luthor by hawking a loogie through Luthor's forehead. Granted it was only a dream, but Superman was aware it was a dream and was in a bad mood.
* ''ComicBook/JLAAvengers'':
** In issue #3, Superman finally decides enough is enough with [[Comicbook/TheMightyThor Thor]], growling when Thor claims strength comes from within - "Tell yourself that, Mister... Ease yourself to sleep at night while you let your world go to '''hell'''! Where I come from, though, '''''LIVES MATTER'''''!" When Thor tries to bring Mjölnir on his head, Superman ''catches'' the hammer, causing an astonished Thor to react, "Odin's beard! How ''can'' you...? The mightiest... mightiest in nine worlds cannot..." Superman retorts, "S-sorry... sorry to disappoint... but in... my world, it looks like the dials '''''[[UpToEleven GO UP TO ELEVEN]]'''''!" and crushes Thor with a roundhouse punch, knocking him out cold.
** The cover of issue #4 has Superman [[http://www.supermantv.net/articles/monsters/murdermek/JLA_Avengers4.jpg wielding Mjölnir and Captain America's shield]].
* In ''Superman'' (vol. 2) #180, Dracula mesmerizes Superman, and bites him to gain his power and make Superman his slave. Superman is a solar battery. Do the math.
* In ''Superman: Ending Battle'', Supes takes on literally every villain in existence (except Darkseid and Doomsday), ''alone''. At one point, Neutron, a [[{{Walking Wasteland}} nuclear villain]], boasts that he cannot die, so Superman chucks him into orbit. Later, when Bizarro, Mongul, Silver Banshee, and Master Jailer are all that's left, they move the battle to somewhere in the Pacific. Superman eventually gets chucked onto an island littered with Kryptonite. As the four villains surround him and gloat, [[BrickJoke Superman finally reveals]] that [[CrazyPrepared this island is the exact spot where Neutron will land]]. Cue an almighty explosion.
* When the wizard Arion tries to enslave his mind with magic, Superman draws on training he received from Martian Manhunter and Zatanna, envisions that he is being constricted by a demonic snake, and ''tears the snake apart'', freeing himself.
** Arion's hideout is in an underwater fortress, protected by a magic forcefield specially designed so Superman can't break it. His solution: create a '''huge''' whirlpool, then release it, sending the Atlantic Ocean crashing against it.
** At the climax, Arion turns into ''Cthulhu'' and Superman [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu kicks his ass]]. When Arion turns back to normal, he angrily tries to blast him, only to find that Superman is holding all, and by all I mean ''dozens'', of the magical trinkets that give the wizard his powers.
** What makes this more awesome is that it represents Superman overcoming his own longstanding fear of being controlled and used as a tool of destruction.
* Superman's beatdown of Superboy-Prime near the end of ''ComicBook/InfiniteCrisis''. Superboy had even smashed a chunk of Kryptonite into his face beforehand. Superman proceeds to give a him a [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech why you suck speech]], declaring he doesn't know what it means to be super, then beats him to the ground in four or five punches.
* The Elseworlds story ''Last Family of Krypton'', where Superman's entire family survives the destruction of their planet, has Jor-El and Lara resolve a marital dispute... by flying into space and having sex in the center of the sun.
* In ''ComicBook/SupermanEarthOne'', while Supes is cool as usual, Jimmy Olsen gets his own CMOA. When the big bad is tearing apart Metropolis in search of Superman, Jimmy [[IntrepidReporter calmly stands]] in the middle of the destruction, diligently taking the pictures. When the big bad notices and questions Jimmy on this, Jimmy explains that he is willing to risk his life for the truth, and even as the big bad is preparing to kill Jimmy, he remains standing, continuing to take his pictures. Luckily for him, Supes takes him down... and Jimmy takes another picture of the wreckage, mentioning the other reason he was out there. To paraphrase, because the truth kicks serious ass.
* Jimmy gets another quiet CMOA at the conclusion of the Conduit saga, after the events of ''ComicBook/TheDeathOfClarkKent''. Restrained in a DeathTrap designed to be unbeatable, literally watching his life tick away on a timer overhead, Jimmy delivers a rousing plea to his super powered pal not to [[ItsAllMyFault blame himself]] for [[YouDidEverythingYouCould failing to save him]]. Might qualify as a DyingMomentOfAwesome, but he had an [[EurekaMoment epiphany]] which allowed Superman to save him-just barely.
* In ''Action Comics'' v1 #0, when Conduit tried to kill everyone Clark loved and Clark finally found his hideout, the opening page has Superman facing a roomful of goons with high tech weapons and the titular villain. Conduit then says that Superman should "beware, this facility is lead-lined to restrict the use of your x-ray vision, is filled with hundreds of agents specifically trained with you in mind, each has kryptonite based weaponry in addition to 250 agents specially trained in psychic warfare. Superman's response? "Sounds fair!" The ensuing battle happens off-page and the narration says it takes less than two and a half minutes. Cue to Superman in a room full of unconscious agents and not even breathing hard while looking for Conduit.
* In the prequel storyline ''Superman Confidential: Kryptonite'', ComicBook/JimmyOlsen gets one as he saves himself, ComicBook/LoisLane, and Superman ([[spoiler:who is knocked out at the moment]]), from ComicBook/LexLuthor as [[spoiler:he holds one of Lex's henchmen at gunpoint and threatens to drive a taser into Lex's spine. Lex then backs off.]]
* From Creator/GeoffJohns and Creator/RichardDonner's ''Escape from Bizarro World'' storyline, Superman [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands gaining "Superman vision"]] (EyeBeams that grant others his powerset) because of the blue sun is a bit silly, but Jonathan Kent using those powers to knock out a Bizarro Doomsday is an awesome example of PapaWolf.
* From the ''The Supergirl From Krypton'' arc, we have Kara Zor-El's first appearance in the mainstream post-Crisis DCU in 20 years, culminating in her getting training from Franchise/WonderWoman ''and'' the Fatal Furies after she's abducted by Darkseid. After Franchise/{{Batman}} out gambits Darkseid, Darkseid attacks Clark and Kara at the farm. Kara gets injured...and Clark [[WorldOfCardboardSpeech takes off the kid gloves]]. He beats down Darkseid at SuperSpeed inside a [[CrazyAwesome tornado]] that Superman created, tosses a entire field at Darkseid, before moving past lightspeed to get to the sun, get a PowerUp by it (going into his SuperMode called 'Sun-Drenched') and punches Darkseid right into the Source Wall where he stays imprisoned for ''FIVE YEARS'' (until ''ComicBook/FinalCrisis''). Its a battle and beatdown you'd normally see in ''ComicBook/DragonBallZ'', so it's refreshing to see Superman's powers finally used like that in a fight!
* From ''Up, Up, and Away'', Superman, who has been missing for a year, returns and, during the midst of a battle with Luthor, demands "where's the cancer cure, Lex?" referencing Luthor's claim that, if Superman would just go away, he could save the world. Superman launches into TheReasonYouSuckSpeech, pointing out that all Luthor did in the time Superman was gone, was find more ways to hurt people and break things. It ends with a depowered Superman facing off against Luthor (whose armour has shorted out) in a fistfight, and beating him unconcious.
* ''ComicBook/LastSon'':
** It has Superman teaming up with the Superman Revenge Squad to take down General Zod's Kryptonian army. Much awesome ensues, including Superman attacking the Kryptonians while dual wielding a red solar rifle and a Green K laser, Metallo using Gold K to force attackers to fall out of the sky, and Lex Luthor killing one of Zod's soldiers in a one-on-one fight using the weapons he designed to battle Superman with. The best--and saddest--moment of all though, goes to Chris Kent/Lor-Zod when he knocks his father into the Phantom Zone and saves Superman from being sucked in as well.
* Zod forcing Brainiac to kneel before him in the climax of ''Last Stand of New Krypton''.
** Luthor gets his moments of villainous awesome here. Whether it's suckering Brainiac with a robotic duplicate of himself, using Reactron to blow up New Krypton, unleashing a false red sun (made from the corpse of a Kryptonian pseudo-deity) on Zod's incoming army, or the fact that after everything he does he's able to [[KarmaHoudini walk away clean]], there is no denying his status as DC's greatest MagnificentBastard.
** Chris Kent/Lor-Zod tackling his father back into the Phantom Zone at the end of ''War of the Supermen'' is also appropriately awesome, and a call back to his similar moment in ''Last Son''.
* In ''ComicBook/{{Bizarrogirl}}'', Jimmy Olsen saves a kid from an incoming attack by Bizarro Supergirl, while riding on a motorcycle. The kid mistakes Jimmy for a cop or a superhero; Jimmy tells him he's neither, then rushes towards the fight.
* ''Reign of Doomsday'' gives us Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, and Steel saving the world from the Doomslayer by forcing his ship, which was flying at light speed, back into the atmosphere. Also a CMOA for Doomsday, who went back to being the unstoppable killing machine we all knew and loved after two decades of VillainDecay and TheWorfEffect.
** Superman's speech to the Doomslayer is a stand-out moment: "Only a child tries to see things in black and white. We're [he and Doomsday] on the same side because things. are. complicated!"
** It ends in a CMOA for the Eradicator who, possessing Doomsday's body, defeats the other Doomsdays, and then pulls a HeroicSacrifice, taking the Doomslayer down with him.
* ''The Adventures of Superman'' had a story called "The Sound of One Hand Clapping" which is nothing but an extended conversation between Comicbook/TheJoker and Superman. Joker tries to berate Superman with many of the same complaints that Batman Fanboys gripe about (his personality is dull, his costume is lame, his vast powers make him boring) while threatening Metropolis with hidden bombs only for Superman to grow bored with his complaining, find the bombs in the blink of an eye, toss them back at the Joker and boot him out of Metropolis, under pain of death. [[spoiler: It was all a test set up by Batman to see if Superman would compromise on his morals. One that he apparently "failed" [[InsaneTrollLogic by even threatening to kill the Joker to make him leave.]] The story ends with Superman viciously tearing into Batman, telling him that he doesn't owe him anything, and Bruce doesn't know everything and isn't always right.]] The best part is when Superman [[ActuallyPrettyFunny allows himself a laugh]] in the last panel at the Joker's quip "In Gotham we all shop at Hot Topic."
* In ''Superman Vol. 2 #22'', Superman with Kara travels to alternate Earth, where Zod with his 2 minions killed the entire planet, including their Superman. After villains gloat about his non-killing rule, Superman points out that he is the last citizen of the planet, and should execute them for planecide. He gives them green Kryptonite. Villains have died in terrible pain...

* ''Superman'' Vol 3 #19: Superman confronts the Sunturians, an alien species composed of red sun particles. As the Sunturians bring Superman into their spaceship, which they disguised as a city block, the Sunturian queen does not believe Superman would resort to a straight-up fight, considering the Sunturians can easily cancel his powers. Superman reveals he threw many canisters containing thousands of gallons of water into the sky. The canisters fall onto the ship and Superman freezes it. Then, he hurls it into space. And who says Franchise/{{Batman}} is the only one good at running [[BatmanGambit Batman Gambits]]?
* ''Action Comics'' Vol 2 #21: Superman's first fight with Lex Luthor in the ''{{ComicBook/New 52}}''. Luthor created a virus from Superman's cells and infected several people in Metropolis. The only way to counteract the virus is with red sunlight, which drains Superman's powers. When Luthor attacks Superman, he is too weak to fight, so he flies towards the sun to restore his powers. Then, he beats Luthor down.
* Superman, in ''Action Comics'' Vol 2 #23, kills the Lexus by piercing its heart with a magic sword. Normally, this would be a violation of Superman's no-killing code, but since the Lexus is a soulless monster who eats planets for breakfast, Superman did not have other choice. The Pax Galactica, the order of warriors that have chased the Lexus across the universe, is impressed and declare Superman their leader. [[StatusQuoIsGod For obvious reasons]], Superman declines.
* ''Superman/Wonder Woman'' #2: Superman and Apollo have a fight after Apollo makes an insulting comment about Wonder Woman's choice in boyfriends. At first, Apollo easily backhands Superman but Superman gets supercharged with Apollo's solar energy and a CurbStompBattle ensues. Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
--->'''Superman''': [[LampshadeHanging You hit me with sunlight?]] [[PreAsskickingOneLiner You don't know very much about me, do you?]]
* ''Superman'', volume 3, issue #38. Superman defeats Ulysses by unleashing his new power, the [[ActionBomb super flare]].
* ''[[ComicBook/{{Convergence}} Convergence: Superman]]'' is dedicated to showing how awesome Superman and Lois are:
** For starters, this is the pre-''ComicBook/{{Flashpoint}}'' universe, where Clark and Lois are still HappilyMarried. She is even pregnant with Clark's child.
** Ever since Gotham City was trapped in a dome by Telos, Clark has been BroughtDownToBadass and working as a masked vigilante, with Lois as his [[MissionControl Oracle]].
** The second Superman regains his powers, he disarms the thugs that have been harassing Jimmy Olsen.
** When Superman is attacked by Captain Thunder, Cyborg and Abin Sur, he absolutely refuses to indulge in LetsYouAndHimFight and attempts to reason with them. At the very least, Abin listens to Superman's case and tells the Man of Steel about what happened in the Flashpoint universe..
** Subject One (the Flashpoint Superman) kidnaps Lois out of a misguided attempt to protect her. Lois does not lose her dignity and instead holds out hope that ''her'' Superman will come to save. And indeed he does, [[spoiler:just in time to witness the birth of their son, Jonathan Samuel Kent.]]

* In ''Superman: Rebirth'' #1, you get to see Doug Mahnke's interpretation of ComicBook/{{Superman}}'s battle with Doomsday from ''ComicBook/TheDeathOfSuperman''. The artwork is ''awesome'', seeing a new talented artist depict the iconic scene. It doesn't hurt Superman is wearing his classic costume. Even Mullet!Superman looks great.
* From Action Comics #957 (the beginning of the "Path of Doom" arc): Clark, Lois and Jon are moving into the suburbs around Metropolis when Jon points out Lex Luthor announcing himself as the new Superman on TV. Clark's immediate response? Shave off his beard, put on his suit, and fly to the city, saying "Metropolis needs a ''real'' Superman."
* In ''Superman'' #2, [[spoiler: Jon is showing his chops as the future Superboy with him blasting a monster's mind control device and even scorching his dad a tad. Even at half his dad's level, he is still plenty powerful. Jon also busts out his Superboy costume, and it's a great variation of the post-Crisis Superboy outfit.]]
* In ''Superman: Revenge'', Cyborg Superman puts a Superman Revenge Squad together. Cyborg Superman, Metallo, Zod, Mongul, Blanque and Eradicator gang up on Superman and are about to kill him when Supergirl swoops in on them and takes her cousin away before they can stop her. The ensuing all-out battle between the Superman Family and the Superman Revenge Squad is full of great moments such like Kara curbstomping Metallo and Zod punching Mongul out of orbit because the War World's former ruler was annoying him. At the end, Cyborg Superman gets stuck in the PhantomZone and both cousins agree he can stay in there.



* A meta one for real life. What do you get by combining the minds of [[Film/ManOfSteel director]] Creator/ZackSnyder and [[WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries animator[=/=]character designer]] Creator/BruceTimm with two pieces of music from two equally [[Music/JohnWilliams famous]] [[Music/HansZimmer composers]]? [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebXB0lBoaQ0 A 2-minute long video of BARELY touching Superman's 75 years of history.]] Entertainment Weekly has an [[http://insidemovies.ew.com/2013/10/14/superman-75-years-of-heroic-history-in-a-2-minute-animated-short-exclusive/ article interviewing Snyder and Timm]] on what stayed and what couldn't go in.
* Another meta example: Actual real life Nazis had [[http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/superman.htm propaganda against him.]] You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies, indeed. Even fictional ones.
* After World War II, the Ku Klux Klan enjoyed a brief upswing, as their membership and political influence increased. In 1946, a social activist named Stetson Kennedy, believing the Klan to be a threat to the United States, infiltrated the organization and became privy to its secrets. When he could not sway the authorities with his information, he took his findings to the writers of the radio show ''Radio/TheAdventuresOfSuperman'', who wrote a 16-episode storyline "The Klan of the Fiery Cross". This storyline was largely credited for helping reduce membership in the Klan, as it destroyed the Klan's mystique and essentially made them look silly. You can read more details [[http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2014/10/30/how-superman-defeated-the-ku-klux-klan/ here]].