Awesome / Super Dreadnought Girl 4946

  • In Chapter 15, an American spy who decided it's a bright idea to kidnap Makoto to use as a bargaining chip for securing Mana's power proceeds to kick the dog by not only telling Makoto that Isaac Montana had been working as The Mole right as she was trying to rescue him, but tell her that her sickly grandfather, the reason for her being The Mole in the first place, passed away this morning (read: The Mole's superiors ordered him killed as punishment for The Mole's already-foreseen betrayal). Makoto could only yell out his outrage... which Mana somehow "hears" from miles away. Cue the Japanese government hastily clearing a path for one giant girl that's running at full speed towards the American carrier that Makoto is on, all while no-selling every single thing thrown at her by the entire fleet escorting said carrier, from dodging waves of Tomahawk and Harpoon missiles to tanking massed fire from the fleet's guns and a storm of missiles from the carrier's entire complement of fighters. It all ends with ripping her way through the carrier's deck and into the chamber where Makoto is being held, and the spy could only stare at the giantess's lone eye ominously staring back at him from the torn ceiling. Too Dumb to Live doesn't even begin to cover it. Oh, and turns out that not only said spy lied about Montana's grandfather's death (so he was doing it just for the sake of dog-kicking), his superiors had actually rejected the plan due to being smart enough to realize the risks are not worth it, so he was going against orders all along.