Awesome / Super Dangan Ronpa 2

Warning! All spoilers below are unmarked!
  • Mikan managing to temporarily overcome her fears in the first trial, and providing key evidence when it seems like the group is about to vote the wrong murderer and get themselves killed.
  • Ibuki is able to rattle off every word spoken during the blackout, and identifies every voice.
  • Komaeda spends the majority of the first chapter seeming like a Naegi expy, but after he reveals his true nature in the middle of the first trial, he delivers a spine-chilling Callback line that tells the audience just how much they were terrifyingly mistaken.
    Komaeda: You've got that wrong.
  • Peko during her execution in Chapter 2. She was, technically, given a fighting chance against the samurai robots that would stab her to death. She managed to dispose several of them. No doubt she's the Ultimate Swordswoman.
    • Fuyuhiko actually trying to intervene in her execution. The first and so far only character who's done so.
  • Gundam delivering a See You in Hell line before he dies.
    • Also, during his execution, he performs some sort of ritual to try to save himself, making him one of the only, if not THE only culprit who actually had a chance to save himself. It doesn't manage to save him, sadly.
    • His See You in Hell line becomes quite ironic considering it comes right after an inspirational speech on not giving up on life, and, even more amusingly, during his execution he is clearly lifted away to heaven by dead pets he cared for in the past.
  • The glitched out segment during Chapter 6 seemingly shows all the dead characters' last thoughts if you inspect the cottage they once lived in. Some curse, or beg for forgiveness, or wonder what will happen to loved ones. Gundam's last thoughts?
    「tremble!#&*)P()~)~ %$#2ishallddddddddietttttwice:@?}」
  • Makoto, Kyoko and Byakuya in their Big Damn Heroes arrival in the final act. Some of the biggest damn heroes in the whole series.
  • Throughout the story, Chiaki Nanami is a ditzy and slightly isolationist girl whose talent is outright useless. When Monokuma outright declares you're in a game, she's already dead. As you get into an unwinnable situation, Chiaki then appears out of nowhere, and, well, Danganronpa 2, Meet the Ultimate Gamer. She wins.
  • Hajime's Awakening. Even better, the Mastermind wasn't expecting this in the slightest. He then proceeds to snap out of his Heroic BSOD via Non-Stop Debate against his own despair.
  • Hajime and Chiaki destroying AI Junko's argument.
  • Monomi standing up to Monokuma. It doesn't work in the end, but that doesn't undermine the sheer heroism of the act by one bit and proves her sincere devotion and willingness to stand up and fight for her "students" no matter what it takes.
  • the fact that Nagito played Russian roulette with only 1/6 of a chance of coming out alive and still pulling it off was pretty awesome. Expect nothing less from the Ultimate Lucky Student.
  • Chiaki manages to work out his entire plan to get everyone but the "traitor" (her) killed, which relied entirely on luck, then asks everyone to vote for her. As sad as it may be, she made good on her promise to protect everyone.
  • The beginning of Chapter 3's trial, where Nagito immediately realizes that A. the entire trial will hinge on Hajime's testimony and B. when cornered, the culprit will inevitably attempt to cast doubt on him in order to save themselves. Nagito preemptively proves that Hajime couldn't have been the culprit before this even becomes a problem.