Awesome: Suikoden II

  • Miklotov has put up with his master quite enough by the time he sees the carnage of Muse. He wishes to fight for the hero's army, but Gorudo orders him to stay within the borders and not fight (which he kept saying even as they saw refugees slaughtered personally by Luca Blight as they rushed to their capital). Enraged, Miklotov denounces his rank, as he is "a human first, and a knight second" and removes his emblem of the Matilda Knights. Gorudo orders Camus to arrest him, but he also removes his badge. He orders the rest of his knights to arrest both of them, but all the Blue and Red knights break their oath to join the hero's army.
  • Jowy's about to kill Annabelle. She asks him if she could finish the glass of wine that Viktor brought for her before he goes through with it. When he agrees, she throws the glass at him, yells, "You dropped your guard, boy!", and fights back rather than die cowering. It's all for naught, but still, Annabelle solidifies herself as a Badass before her death.
  • This far and no mention of Luca Blight's final hours!?
    • Subtle, but inbetween all the Rasputinian Death, the final trap that lights Luca up and alerts your army to where Luca is; is the wooden amulet that Jowy and Riou bought for Pilika back in the beginning of the game.
  • Riou and Jowy's entire fight against Gorudo and 5 other White Knights counts as this. Bonus points if this is the first time you've seen the final spell of the Black Sword Rune "Hungry Friend".
    • Hello, this is Exdeath calling on the phone... It is hard to not see the parallel between the two events.
  • Ridley standing up for Riou to Jess in Tinto can qualify for this. Ridley is usually very subdued compared to the other Stars, but he's the first person to challenge Jess's accusations against Riou.
  • When you thought Chaco couldn't get more annoying, when the Highland finally launched their assault to Two River and cornered the humans, suddenly Chaco arrived bringing along Winglies reinforcements and start pushing back the Highland. His reasoning? Why, because he loves Two River, and he'll not let the Highlands take it over. This eventually inspired the Kobolds to not get outdone and request Ridley to join the fight too, he complies and the combined power of the three races drive away Highland. If this doesn't better your opinion on Chaco, nothing will.
  • If the Random Number God is kind on you, Ridley gets one when he and his troops escape Radat on his own.
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