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Awesome: Sucker Punch

  • When Baby Doll spits on her stepfather after he sends her to the brothel/burlesque dance hall.
  • Baby Doll fending off against Blue when he attempts to rape her and stabs him in the shoulder, telling him that he will never have her.
    • As someone who really struggled to decide whether he liked the film or just enjoyed some parts of it, this troper will own that this may well have been the single most fulfilling scene he'd seen in anything EVER.
  • Baby Doll's sacrifice. She creates a distraction for Sweet Pea to escape by attacks one of Blue's men, knowing full-well that she will be lobotomized and accepts her fate.
  • Amber in her bunny-printed humongous mecha.
  • Baby Doll's first fight against the three samurai.
  • Blondie screaming, "Take that, you ugly mother———!" during the dragon sequence while blasting away with her vehicle-mounted .50 BMG Browning M2HB.
  • Blondie's tomahawk fight in the WWI battle sequence.
  • Bondie mowing down the Steampunk Zombies with her gigantic gun in the extended cut.
  • Steampunk. Nazi Reichswehr. Zombies.
  • Baby Doll, Rocket, and Sweet Pea's courtyard fight in the extended cut, especially their flawless teamwork.
  • Baby Doll vs the German General.
  • A potential moment. After Blue gets arrested for fraud, a crowning moment in of itself, he promises to tell the cops about how he was bribed by Baby Daddy, thus bringing him to justice as well.
  • If you listen closely in the conversation between Baby Daddy and Blue, you'll notice another awesome moment for Blue. He knows that it will be a risky move forging a signature, so he asks Baby Daddy to pay him extra to his dismay. He backs this up by implying that he won't do the signature and have Baby Doll fess up to what really happened. Couple this with the fact that the reason why Baby Daddy was lashing out at Baby Doll was because he wanted the insurance money and you get this awesome moment: Blue just cheated Baby Daddy into giving him some of the money that he wanted.
    • These are possible examples of why it's difficult for certain types of villain to have CMoAs; in the first case, he's proven himself such a pathetic and loathsome figure that his confession about Baby Daddy comes across as the knee-jerk reaction of a Dirty Coward frantically trying to save himself, and in the second case, the fact that he's calmly discussing such a Moral Event Horizon (with the implication that he's done something similar before,) severely limits any respect the audience could have for his cleverness, especially when said "cleverness" consists of the sort of low-level weaselling that many petty villains do.

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