!!''Stuart Little''
* Stuart ''helping'' in the boat race in the first movie.
* "Hey, Smokey! [[PunctuatedForEmphasis His name.]] [[PreAssKickingOneLiner Is "Snowbell".]] (THWACK!)"
* While he isn't killed, watching Smokey chased by dogs at the end of the first movie is ''[[{{Karma}} very]]'' satisfying.

!!''Stuart Little 2''
* Stuart hits the Falcon with an arrow, an ''arrow!'' [[spoiler:[[NegatedMomentOfAwesome Which does]] [[NoSell jack!]]]]
* Margalo standing up to Falcon as he prepares to [[spoiler: shove the paint can with Snowbell inside off the edge of the building]], stating that if he does it, he'll lose Mrs. Little's wedding ring he forced her to steal and she's done being his slave.
-->'''Margalo:''' Don't do it, Falcon! Or else!\\
'''Snowbell:''' Do what?! What's he doing?!\\
'''Falcon:''' Or else what?\\
'''Margalo:''' Or else, you'll lose... ''this.'' ''[holds up Mrs. Little's ring Falcon forced her to steal]''\\
'''Falcon:''' Put that down, Margalo!\\
'''Margalo:''' I'm through doing what you tell me to do! I'm leaving you, Falcon, forever!\\
'''Falcon:''' Oh, and what do you think you'll be without me?!\\
'''Margalo:''' Free. ''[flies off]''\\
'''Falcon:''' Big mistake! I'll be back for you, furball.\\
'''Snowbell:''' Don't hurry!
* Admit it, Stuart getting the plane to fly again was [[WaxingLyrical another small adventure]] of the sequel.
* Stuart taking on Falcon in his [[TheAllegedCar Alleged Plane]] and ''winning'' - by using the stolen wedding ring [[BlindedByTheLight to throw Falcon off his stoop]], and then using an aerial version of CarFu on him.