Awesome / Stuart Little

Stuart Little

  • Stuart helping in the boat race in the first movie.
  • "Hey, Smokey! His name. Is "Snowbell". (THWACK!)"
  • While he isn't killed, watching Smokey chased by dogs at the end of the first movie is very satisfying.

Stuart Little 2

  • Stuart hits the Falcon with an arrow, an arrow! Which does jack!
  • Margalo standing up to Falcon as he prepares to shove the paint can with Snowbell inside off the edge of the building, stating that if he does it, he'll lose Mrs. Little's wedding ring he forced her to steal and she's done being his slave.
    Margalo: Don't do it, Falcon! Or else!
    Snowbell: Do what?! What's he doing?!
    Falcon: Or else what?
    Margalo: Or else, you'll lose... this. [holds up Mrs. Little's ring Falcon forced her to steal]
    Falcon: Put that down, Margalo!
    Margalo: I'm through doing what you tell me to do! I'm leaving you, Falcon, forever!
    Falcon: Oh, and what do you think you'll be without me?!
    Margalo: Free. [flies off]
    Falcon: Big mistake! I'll be back for you, furball.
    Snowbell: Don't hurry!
  • Admit it, Stuart getting the plane to fly again was another small adventure of the sequel.
  • Stuart taking on Falcon in his Alleged Plane and winning - by using the stolen wedding ring to throw Falcon off his stoop, and then using an aerial version of Car Fu on him.