Awesome / Strike Witches

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Shirley breaks the sound barrier.
  • Season 2 Episode 2: Mio in general, including when she leaps from the transport to kill the Neuroi the first time around, and when she uses her sword to slice the Neuroi's beam the second time.
  • After being Neurofied, the battleship Yamato takes off from water and was actually doing pretty good by taking advantage of its regenerative abilities while shooting down an armada of Neuroi ships until the main cannon gets jammed.
  • Season 2: Our lead girl is having trouble flying but no one can find anything wrong with her turns out she was too powerful for her Striker with her friend left alone to defeat the Neuroi she gets the new Prototype striker then creates a magic circle that DWARFS the Yamato. Hell the entire episode is a CMOA from her effortless healing the crew until there is no one left to her Lucchini style drill attack on the Neuroi.
  • What about Trevor Maloney's Warlock mech!? Being able to control Neuroi and blast them apart with single shots seems pretty hardcore enough.
  • Yoshika might have established herself as a budding badass in the series but in the movie her balls drop like meteors during the climax. The Neuroi are re-enacting The Battle of the Bulge and the only ones ready to protect a small town on the edge of Karlsland are Shizuka and Yoshika. Shizuka is wounded and out of action and Yoshika is still depowered, so Yoshika grabs Shizuka's gun, which she can barely lift without magic strength, jumps in a jeep and fights the Neuroi on foot. She successfully lures her target away from the village and into the countryside but is then surprised when it submerges into the earth and comes up right in front of her. Well that's no problem at all. RAMMING SPEED! And when even that doesn't work she still gets up one last time and unloads what's left of her ammo at it Rambo and Tony Montana's style and takes out the core, though not without getting blasted and almost killed in return.
    • Wounded, bleeding out, disoriented, and surrounded by Neuroi, Yoshika looks like a goner. But when she hears the voices of the entire 501st, each and everyone of them rushing from their bases to save her, Yoshika decides she wants to be by their sides. So she flies.
  • Let's not forget the final battle of the movie. The Yamato has shot the surface of the giant Neuroi and revealed the core, but enemy units are defending in front of it with a dense barrage of lasers so normal fire won't work. What do the witches decide to do? Yoshika activates her giant shield, and Minna orders everyone to do the same. As Yoshika roars, they all charge in for a massive 501st style Lucchini-esque shield drill Dungeon Bypass!
    Mio: Look carefully. That's the kind of Witch you should strive to become!
  • And then there's Karibuchi Hikari in the final episode of Brave Witches. You know something awesome was up when she crosses the water Rossman style. The reason she succeeds is that she uses everything she learned in the previous episodes to destroy the Neuroi Hive - from her own flying style (dodge those energy bolts!) to focusing her magic to provide the final killing attack. Indeed, even her one true gift - her stamina - comes into play. After the Hive is destroyed she still has enough strength left to bring magical-energy drained Kanno safely to the ground (Well, almost). This was definitely a case of Earn Your CMOA.