Awesome / Strawberry Shortcake

1980s specials

  • The end of the first special. You'd expect a Merchandise-Driven show aimed at little girls to resolve the conflict with The Power of Friendship. Instead Strawberry wishes for an army of angry trees like the one that scared off the Berry Birds to confront the Purple Pieman and force him to return Apple Dumpling and all of the berries he took. Then she resolves the conflict with the The Power of Friendship.
  • Strawberry chewing out the Purple Pieman in Pets On Parade after he tries to frame her for rigging the pet show.

2003-2007 series

  • The reason the 2003 series regularly received soundtrack releases up until when the 2009 series was announced was the awesome music.
  • In the Berry Blossom Festival, when the Pieman and Sour Grapes cheat to win, Huckleberry Pie asks everyone, including the audience, to stand up for Strawberry via an awesome song.