!!Light Novels:
* Chikaru [[spoiler: calling out her mother, the Chancellor of Miator, for considering Lulim to be a weak and useless school. After Lulim being treated as the HufflepuffHouse for so long, she delivers a rousing speech about how much she loves her school, and has no regrets choosing it over the more prestigious Miator and Spica.]]
* Amane and Hikari [[spoiler: returning to Spica after dropping out of the Etoile competition, knowing it would mean their expulsion. Both of them choose to accept any punishments they are given, with Amane declaring her heartfelt gratitude and joy for having been considered the Prince of Spica, vowing to finally live up to her title and to bring happiness to Spica as the new Etoile, instead of considering the position to be a burden.]]
* When Nagisa and Shizuma's romance seems utterly broken beyond repair, with the latter deciding the study abroad and even having been proposed to by royalty, Nagisa refuses to give up and chases her all the way to the airport, desperately trying to convince her to return to Miator. [[spoiler: And Shizuma does.]]
* Nagisa performs a HeroicSacrifice in one of the earlier Etoile tests, saving Hikari from a nasty fall, even at her own expense. It's stated that in the worst-case scenario, she could have been ''trampled to death.''

* Shizuma bursting in during the finale, [[spoiler:pulling a SpeakNowOrForeverHoldYourPeace (even though it's not an actual wedding.)]]
-->'''Shizuma:''' "[[spoiler:NAGISA! I love you!]]"[[note]]Even more powerful in the Japanese dub. Normally when you hear "I love you" it's often spoken as "Dai suki" which is rather casual. Shizuma bursts out with "Aishiteru!" which is so formal and deliberate that even married couples don't really use it in public![[/note]]
* In the first episode based on the Spica girls: When Hikari messes up at the performance and the audience starts laughing at her, Amane stands up and death glares everyone. It successfully shuts them up.
* Shizuma saving Nagisa from being crushed under a piece of stage production.
* After being through two {{attempted rape}}s by [[AlphaBitch Kaname]] and now on her third, [[TheIngenue Hikari]] [[TookALevelInBadass shoves her away, tells her Amane will always be better than her, then leaves in a huff.]]