Awesome: Steven Universe

The pilot

  • Steven using a time travel device to make insult comebacks. Sure, he could have used it for more emergency situations but this is a far more frequent and often more satisfying use.


The series

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    "Gem Glow" 
  • The entire scene of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl beating the snot out of the hoard of baby centipeetles.
  • Steven laments that he can't figure out how to summon his weapon, and he says at least he has Cookie Cat. He takes a bite... Cue his gem glowing like crazy, the Gems' shocked responses, and the theme song blasting in the background to reveal...
    Pearl: Steven... It's a shield!
  • When Steven fearlessly stands up to the centipeetle mother saying "LEAVE THEM ALONE!" holding ice cream and ready to kick ass.
    • When he realizes his powers suddenly no longer work, he uses the smashed freezer to electrocute the centipeetle mother, giving the gems an opening to destroy it.
      Garnet: Gems! Weapons! (They summon their weapons.) Let's do it.

    "Laser Light Cannon" 
  • Steven activating the light cannon and using its power to destroy the red eye. And the beam the cannon shot formed a shape that looked like Rose Quartz. That whole damn climax was pretty awesome.
    • The shot of the Red Eye exploding reflected in the eyes of the main characters is like something out of an anime series.

    "Cheeseburger Backpack" 
  • When the Gems can't figure out how to get past a magical whirlpool which has gravity several times higher than normal, Steven ropes together some spare sweaters, loops them to the other side, then climbs the wall by himself. Even Pearl, who is extremely concerned for his safety, admits that was cool.
    Amethyst (carrying Pearl and Garnet): Steven-style!
  • Garnet casually knocking down a pillar with ease to make a makeshift bridge.

    "Together Breakfast" 
  • Steven shoves his demonically-possessed breakfast into a melting pool after it's mutated into a giant monster and taken out the other Gems.

    "Bubble Buddies" 
  • Steven manages to beat the giant worm by tricking it into wrapping itself around the dock, which then collapses from the strain and crushes the worm. Particularly, he was able to move quite nimbly, showing off Acrofatic at its finest.
  • Summoning the titular bubble, to save Connie from a collapsing chunk of cliff.
  • Garnet dragging away the nosy Amethyst and Pearl. Not to mention her line:
    "Don't mess with his funky flow!"
  • Onion knowing how to operate a harpoon gun despite his very young age, and his hilariously nonchalant/triumphant reaction as his boat is sinking.

    "Serious Steven" 
  • Garnet saving Steven from falling into a pit of fire by planting her feet ankle-deep into a chunk of solid stone.
  • Not to mention her off screen moment of awesome as she carried Steven over a room cover in spikes, guillotine and pouring lava.
  • As soon as Steven figures out what's going on, she turns and starts punching the floor without a word.
    • Steven figuring out what the rooms are doing, on his own, is pretty awesome on its own.

    "Tiger Millionaire" 
  • The short but oh-so-awesome smackdown between Garnet and Amethyst.
    • The fact that Amethyst took the beating from Garnet (who is at an almost unfair advantage— being older and exceptionally strong, even by Gem standards) and was ready to fight back. Honestly, she was only mildly dazed. [1] indeed.
  • Watching The Purple Puma ruthlessly pwn everybody is not only entertaining to watch it's oddly satisfying as well.

    "Steven's Lion" 
  • The whole sequence after Steven throws the desert glass on the beach and then he tries to get it back with all these structures shifting around in this big sandstorm and Steven's climbing on stuff and oh no he's going to fall on those spikes. Then the Pink Lion swoops in and The Awesome hits the fan. It starts the awesome train by ROARING AWAY a bunch of Sand Structures that even Garnet couldn't make a dent in, using one of the structures it broke to get up to high ground, leaps like 15 feet through the air and bursts through the structure the Desert Glass made to protect itself using it's roar and looking cool doing it.

    "Arcade Mania" 
  • Garnet's brief but epic beat-down against the monster at the beginning.
  • It's mostly off screen, but there's a brief few moments of the Gems moving in complete tandem as they presumably lay waste to the smaller parasites.

    "Giant Woman" 
  • Opal versus the giant bird, with the background music combining both Pearl and Amethyst's themes.
    • When the bird splits apart into hundreds of attacking birds, Opal orders Steven to stay low and then proceeds to fuse Amethyst's whip and Pearl's spear into a bow and arrow, which she launches to destroy all of the birds simultaneously. And all while en pointe, no less.
  • Pearl's finishing move against Amethyst in their game of checkers.
  • Pearl and Amethyst display incredibly fast teamwork to save Steven when he almost falls to his doom.

    "So Many Birthdays" 
  • Assuming Steven will age in real life like he did when his gem "malfunctioned", looks like he'll grow up to be a tall, muscular, still adorable, and frankly pretty awesome looking guy.
  • The efforts of the Gems to revert Steven to his proper age are quite admirable when given the extremely bleak circumstances. Special mentions to Amethyst, who never gave up and kept trying to motivate the other gems as well as Pearl, who despite being in the midst an obvious breakdown, realized that Steven's age was fluctuating based on his moods and therefore provided the key to his eventual age reversal.

    "Lars and The Cool Kids" 
  • Steven verbally tearing into Lars when he blames the magic moss on Steven's "Weird mom".
    Steven: *pokes at Lars' chest* What do you know about my Mom?! I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO KNOW MY MOM! But I do know, she saw beauty in everything! Even in stuff like this *points at moss* and even in jerks like you! *Lars looks away ashamedly, Steven sighs* Now help me get them to the car.
  • Steven saves the day without any help from the Gems whatsoever this time, and manages to snap Lars out of his freakout to get him to help the other kids.
  • The utterly beautiful sight of the quartz flowers over Beach City is one for the makers of the show.

    "Steven the Swordfighter" 
  • Pearl's sparring match with Holo-Pearl is a genuine treat to behold, and the music is equally fitting.
  • Despite being in shock and likely lots of pain, Pearl's first instinct after being stabbed is to frantically try and reassure a traumatized Steven that she'll be fine before she disintegrates.
  • Steven defeats Holo-Pearl using the boomerang blade technique.

    "Lion 2: the Movie" 
  • Steven and Connie riding Lion across the ocean is a sight to behold. Connie agrees:
    Connie: That was really cool.
  • The secret weapons room/armory, which all signs point to being owned by Rose Quartz. It makes it clear she was a pretty badass lady (if not a bit of a goofball, when you take into account she also owned a gigantic penny).
  • Near the end, Steven pulls a magic rose-themed sword out of Lion's head, and he and Connie use the sword to repel the death machine's blasts back at it.
    Connie: Forehand! Backhand!
    Steven and Connie: Overhead... DEATHSTRIKE!!!

    "Beach Party" 
  • The Gems working together with the Pizzas to take down the puffer-fish monster.
    • And who came up with the plan? Grandma Pizza. On the spot. Using nothing but the volleyball net and the technique they saw Garnet use earlier.
    • Everyone had a helping hand in taking down the pufferfish monster, but special mention goes to Nanafua for being the one to put the whole thing in motion.
  • Garnet spiking the ball so hard it bursts into flames! Not only that, but when it impacts the sand it superheats it, turning it into a glass spire. (thank you for that explanation, Grandma Pizza.)

    "Coach Steven" 
  • Sugilite's first appearance is undoubtedly Badass, as well as the transformation sequence leading up to it. The way she effortlessly demolished gigantic crystal pillars is certainly a sight to behold.
    • When a large chunk of debris comes flying towards Pearl and Steven, she kicks it in half.
  • Pearl has to fight Sugilite, the extremely powerful combined form of Amethyst and Garnet who is as tall as a building, when she goes out of control. And Pearl wins.
  • The entirety of the episode's song Strong In The Real Way, especially Pearl's half. Not only is it the first time we hear the elder Gems sing on their own, but it lends to some subtle yet great Character Development.

     "Monster Buddies" 
  • Steven successfully manages to somewhat tame the centipeetle from the first episode after he accidentally un-bubbles it, enough that it actually performs a Heroic Sacrifice for him.
  • After that, Steven successfully bubbles the centipeetle's gem (and the bag of Chaaaps) with his Gem powers. Intentionally!

     "An Indirect Kiss" 
  • Steven accidentally healing Connie's vision. And it sticks.

     "Mirror Gem"/"Ocean Gem" 
  • Lapis controlling the ocean enough to part it in two, Moses-style.
  • Greg ramming the Steven copy with his van. He may not have magic, but that won't stop him if his son is in danger.
  • Steven getting fed up with Lapis hurting his friends and summoning his shield, instantly dispelling the water clones and protecting Connie and his dad from the rotating orb of water.
    Steven: Lapis. I don't wanna fight anymore. (Steven's water clone prepares to throw more water.) I said... I don't... WANNA FIGHT!! (summons shield, stops fight)
  • The display of Lapis' gem powers in this episode is stunning. She's so powerful that she could make a tower to the heavens made of ocean water, and that's when her gem's cracked! What is she capable of when she's fully healed?
  • How about the Crystal Gems vs. their water clones?
    • Garnet and Water Garnet fighting with Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and cracking the ground with the force of their punches.
    • Amethyst tossing enormous boulders at Water Amethyst with her whip and transforming into the Purple Puma before throwing herself into the fray
    • Pearl slices her clone in half down the middle. When the halves split into separate clones, she summons a second spear to Dual Wield. All with excessively fancy spear twirling.
  • Connie taking the initiative by using Lion to rescue Steven from the collapsing water tower.
  • Honestly, Steven's sheer determination to get the ocean back and not resort to hurting his new friend is pretty darn awesome. And what's more, he succeeds on both objectives by healing Lapis' gem with his magic spit.
    • Not to mention, going straight to Lapis, trusting that his new friend won't try and harm him, as well, all to prevent his friends being hurt. Given the power she showed, and the (somewhat understandable) rage she exhibited, this was damn impressive.

     "House Guest" 
  • Greg Universe. Saving the day with duct tape.
  • Pearl actually manages to fix Greg's van so it's as good as new.

     "Space Race" 
  • When Greg realizes Pearl is serious about building a spaceship to fly into space with Steven in tow, he puts his foot down and grounds the space flight.
  • Pearl needs some credit for building an almost functional spaceship with zero funds and a barn full of scraps. Eat your heart out, Iron Man! And in the process they build a jet-powered ultralight, which Steven learns to fly like a pro in days! At least that one only falls apart when it's on the ground…

     "Secret Team" 
  • After Pearl and Amethyst go at each other's throats over whose fault it is for letting some gem shards get loose, Steven tells on them to Garnet, who teaches the gems a lesson about teamwork they will never forget.
  • Garnet and Steven form their own "secret team." As Garnet scolds Steven, she's hugely disappointed that Pearl and Amethyst do not step out and confess and proceeds to pretend to get captured by the shards.

     "Island Adventure" 
  • After running away from a gem monster that was completely invisible except for its gem, Sadie, with nothing more than a sharp stick, defeats the monster single-handedly while it was still invisible, becoming the first full human to defeat a gem monster onscreen without a gem helping her.

     "Alone Together" 
  • Steven manages to use his fusion powers- and does so with Connie, a human, at that!

     "The Test" 
  • Steven just walking through the flames knowing they won't hurt him without even breaking a sweat
  • Even if all the challenges were rigged, Steven didn't know that at first - meaning he willingly attempted to outrun a giant boulder, leap towards a vine to swing over a chasm, dodge giant bladed pendulums on a staircase and walk through a very specifically timed flame trap. That in itself is awesome. But note also that the only time the failsafes become noticeable is when he is about to get smashed by the giant pillar. Steven was either very close to being or already capable of completing the majority of these very challenges. That is pretty damn awesome for a 10-year old Gem in training.
  • While it was after he found out that the tests were designed to be completely impossible to lose. Steven basically stopping a boulder mid-roll by glaring at it is still undeniably Badass.

     "On The Run" 
  • When it's not being tragically sad, the Pearl VS Amethyst smackdown in the Kindergarten is undeniably awesome.
    • The final move of the fight: Amethyst wrapping her whip around Pearl's spear and electrocuting her, sending the much more experienced Gem flying.

     "Horror Club" 
  • Sadie performing a Diving Save and saving Lars from a flying coffee mug.
  • Though he did it to sacrifice him to a gaping maw, Ronaldo picking up Lars and throwing him was pretty impressive.
  • Steven using his bubble to save himself and Lars from a Gem.

     "Winter Forecast" 
  • Steven using the knowledge from the vision to get Connie home safely.

     "Maximum Capacity" 
  • Steven stopping the argument between Greg and Amethyst.
  • The Gems cleaning out Greg's garage overnight.

     "Marble Madness" 
  • Garnet saving Steven from Peridot's attempt to crush him.
  • Pearl giving an epic Badass Boast to Peridot.
    Pearl: "We are the Crystal Gems! We're still alive and we're still the guardians of this planet and all its living creatures!"
  • Amethyst destroying the power source for the Kindergarten.

     "Rose's Scabbard" 
  • Though it was an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, in a Great Offscreen War 5,000 years ago, if Pearl is anything to go by, Rose Quartz was quite the Badass during the fight.
  • Garnet grabbing the picture of Rose Quartz before it hits the ground after Pearl's hissy fit dislodges it.
  • When chasing after Pearl, Steven manages to jump across the Floating Platforms (if barely), and only falls short on the last one. And even then he manages to catch himself on some roots. He's come a long way.

     "The Message" 
  • Greg standing up to the Gems and calling them out for disrespecting him.
    Greg: "You guys never give up on anything! Except for me!"
  • Lapis sending a message to Steven. It's obvious she's scared for her life but her love for Steven is so strong she takes a big risk to save him.

     "Political Power" 
  • Steven being able to calm the angry townsfolk with a truly amazing Rousing Speech, and covering the mayor's ass while he's doing it.

     "The Return"/"Jail Break" 
  • Steven affirming his position as a Crystal Gem and protecting the others from the beam from Peridot's spaceship. Mind you, that same ship proved invulnerable to the most powerful weapons the Crystal Gems had.
    Garnet: "Steven, get out of here!"
    Steven: "No!"
    Garnet: "I won't let you risk your life!"
    Steven: (gem starts to glow) "But this is my home, and you're all my family!"
    Peridot fires a beam from her console.
    Steven: "I'm... I'm a Crystal Gem too!"
    Jasper: "That shield! That symbol! You... you have the power of Rose Quartz!"
  • Garnet spontaneously ''bursting into song'' right before fighting Jasper. And then proceeding to beat her while reaffirming her own existence as a fusion.
    Garnet: I can see that you hate the way we intermingle, but I think you're just mad because you're single.
  • The fight between Garnet and Jasper:
    • One thing that stands out is how the fight ends: when Jasper comes charging at Garnet, she gives a smirk before catching her and using her own momentum to throw her into the ship's power core. That smirk just screams 'Gotcha now!' Also worth mentioning is when Garnet hits Jasper's helmet from opposite sides with her fists, the blow powerful enough to shatter her visor from the force alone.
    • Jasper keeps her Gem Disruptor on her during the fight...and Garnet disarms her of it. She catches it and holds it with a smirk before snapping it in two. Garnet could have used it back on Jasper, but chose to break it and prove that unlike the homeworld Gems, she doesn't need a fancy gadget to do her fighting for her.
  • A villainous one for Jasper. Even though Garnet is a fusion, their second fight is pretty evenly matched.
  • Steven grabbing the business end of Peridot's gem disruptor to protect Pearl and Amethyst. Peridot's face while he does this is priceless. By the next scene, Amethyst has her restrained.
  • Lapis fusing with Jasper so she could drag them both into the ocean.
    • Look closely during this scene and you'll notice that the fusion's face distorts a bit as if the transformation is trying to end itself before stabilizing. Fusions are dependent on the personalities staying synced but Lapis was able to keep the two of them forcibly fused despite Jasper trying to cancel it out!
  • Steven finding a way to break himself, Ruby, and Sapphire out of the jail cell is awesome in itself. At first he trembles because he isn't used to it, but then he uses it to his advantage while breaking Ruby and Sapphire out.

     "Full Disclosure" 

     "Open Book" 
  • Steven realizing that once again, his poorly phrased wishes ended up with some trouble, and trying to fix it immediately.
  • Connie leaping to fight the Fake Connie when she sees that Steven is in trouble.

     "Joy Ride" 
  • Jenny stepping in front of Garnet's punch in order to keep her from hitting the escape pod with Steven in it. Girl's got guts, especially once you remember "Beach Party" and realize she's seen what Garnet can do with her fists.
  • The Cool Kids defending Steven from the Gems, and getting them to realize that they've been a bit hard on him.
  • While seemingly a lesser example than most, you gotta hand it to Steven; figuring out how to pilot a Gem vehicle that he had not only never seen before, but is at least 5000 years more advanced than anything he may have run into before "The Return/Jailbreak" is pretty amazing.
  • Garnet's speech to what she THOUGHT was Peridot was pretty badass, even if she did ALMOST punch Steven into orbit.

     "Say Uncle" 
  • First how about the fact that an Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe crossover even exists. Despite it being vehemently hated against by SU fans the moment it was announced, or that UG creators were trolled incessantly about its creation, the fact remains that it still got made. And because both UG and SU teams have such a respect for each others work, the episode seamlessly blended the two universe together for a hilarious non-canon enjoyment.
  • Steven Universe leaping to save Uncle Grandpa from the Gems attack, activating his shield
  • The fact that depending on whether you consider this episode canon, it is chronologically before the events of Jailbreak, which means UNCLE GRANDPA HELPED SAVE THE DAY, if indirectly.
  • Garnet deciding that she wants the episode over while the three gems were in the 'plot hole' and smashes it, taking them back to their universe.

     "Story For Steven" 
  • Greg deciding not to put up with his womanizing Jerkass of a manager anymore.
    Marty: Sit down, Greg.
  • It's understated, but there's something awesome about just how graceful Rose Quartz is for her size. When Garnet drops Greg, she leaps into the air and just...floats down to him, landing gently on her feet like some Amazonian ballet dancer. It's little wonder why Greg fell for her.