A lot of scary things happen in Stephen King's world... and sometimes his characters rise to the challenge.

* Awesome/FourteenOhEight
* Awesome/BagOfBones
* Awesome/{{Carrie}}
* Paul Sheldon ''finally'' [[spoiler:delivering Annie's comeuppance]] at the end of {{Literature/Misery}}.

-->'''Paul:''' Eat it! Eat it until you choke, you sick, twisted fuck!

* Awesome/NightmaresAndDreamscapes
* Sort of a meta RealLife example. King is a voracious reader, and generous with his praise for new authors, who get a ColbertBump from his reviews. For example, in 2015 King tweeted about Creator/PaulTremblay 's ''Literature/AHeadFullOfGhosts''. When the book won the 2016 Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Novel, King tweeted his congratulations.
* King's dedication to writing counts as this. After the Kings' third son was born, King had a vasectomy. There were complications, and one day as he was writing ''Literature/{{Firestarter}}'', he began to bleed. Mrs. King found him with a lap full of blood, like something out of his own books, but he just ''had to finish'' the scene before going to the hospital!
** And then he got hit by a van...