Awesome / Stardust


  • Lady Una gets one towards the end, when she has just been inadvertently freed from servitude to Ditchwater Sal and opts to try to save Yvaine from Lamia instead of escaping. The poor woman is enslaved again for her efforts.
  • Septimus killing Empusa—ON FIRE.
  • Tristan freeing the animals who were locked up at the witches lair to be tortured and brutally killed—and the wolves then return the favour by ripping Mormo apart.
  • "So... tell me of my beloved England!"
  • Tristan and Humphrey's little "rematch".
    Humphrey: Thorne. You must have a death wish. [draws his rapier]
    [Tristan draws his huge faerie sword, swishes it nonchalantly with an expression of derisive contempt]
    Humphrey: ...Ah. [puts his rapier down]
  • Tristan going back to see Victoria again. When he sets off, he has a lock of Yvaine's hair and leaves a message about how he's found his true love. When he sees her again, she's visibly impressed by him besting Humphrey and how badass in general he is. He then proceeds to snub her in the most awesome way, by saying she and Humphrey deserve each other and handing her Yvaine's hair, before going back to Yvaine.
    • To cap it all off, Victoria gives the Title Drop when she see's Yvaine's hair has turned into...well, stardust.
  • The pirate crew, in the fight with Septimus. Which is also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Yvaine: What do stars do? ... Shine.
    Witch gets blasted by blinding light