Awesome / Stand by Me

  • In the final face-off with Ace, Gordie and Chris demonstrate the kind of balls normally used to demolish buildings.
    Ace: What're you gonna do, kill us all?
    Gordie: No, Ace. Just you.
    • Even better? Ace, a sociopath of the first order, backs down. From a kid half his size. True, Gordie was pointing a gun at him, but to this point, Ace had never backed down from anything.
  • The fact that four pre-teen boys, not adult men were able to walk miles to find a dead body. For two days.
    • And on their way home, they don't stop to sleep or eat, making it back home within a day.
  • Chris defying what many of the town, his family, and himself expected: He made it out. Better? Chris became a lawyer.
  • Gordie saving Vern from almost getting killed by a train.
  • Gordie yelling at the others when they start a fight and telling them that they're continuing on their journey to find the dead body.