Awesome / Stand by Me

  • In the final face-off with Ace, Gordie and Chris demonstrate the kind of balls normally used to demolish buildings.
    Ace: What're you gonna do, kill us all?
    Gordie: No, Ace. Just you.
    • Even better? Ace, a sociopath of the first order, backs down. From a kid half his size. True, Gordie was pointing a gun at him, but to this point, Ace had never backed down from anything.
  • The fact that four pre-teen boys, not adult men were able to walk miles to find a dead body. For two days.
    • And on their way home, they don't stop to sleep or eat, making it back home within a day.
  • Chris defying what many of the town, his family, and himself expected: He made it out. Better? Chris became a lawyer.
  • Gordie saving Vern from almost getting killed by a train.
  • Gordie yelling at the others when they start a fight and telling them that they're continuing on their journey to find the dead body.
  • A production example. According to this article in Variety, the production had trouble getting financed and lost its backers just three days before shooting started. Norman Lear liked the film and the cast enough to fund it out of his own pocket.
  • The story of Lard Ass qualifies, as one about a fat glutton who is picked on by his small town and gets his revenge by vomiting and then starting a chain reaction of townspeople vomiting.
  • As much of an asshole he is, you gotta admit, the scene where Ace is racing against his friend Vince, and at the same time plays chicken against a lumber truck, and manages to win at both, was pretty fucking badass.
    Vince: SHIT, MAN! SHIT!
    Ace: I won.