Awesome: Spider-Man 3

  • The quality of the third movie depends according to who you ask, but you have to love the fight at the end (Spider-Man and Harry vs. Venom and Sandman).
  • The first fight between Harry and Peter really is among the series' best. Peter's attacked out of costume, forced to use his powers in public, and caught completely by surprise. Every trick he pulls is useless, Harry just keeps coming. Peter only escapes through a lucky move.
  • Peter whipping a pumpkin bomb back into Harry's face. Even though Peter was clearly being a heel at the moment, Harry had been such an evil Jerk Ass that you he kind of deserved that one.
    • And what about the part where he rams Sandman's face into a goddamn train? Again Moral Dissonance, but come on, that was badass.
  • Also, Venom killing Harry. This version of Venom may have not been in the movie that long, but he managed to deal a blow to his nemesis harsher than any other incarnation of the character has.
  • Mary Jane throwing a cement brick at Venom in the third movie; chiefly awesome because FINALLY she gets to to take a shot at her kidnapper and stop being a Neutral Female Damsel Scrappy, becoming more of a Heroic Bystander / Action Survivor instead.
    • She also doesn't just wait on Spidey to save her this time around and actually jumps from the cab into the webbing when it's about to fall and dodges out of the way when any debris, including a freaking garbage truck, about to hit her. And then manages to catch a web and hang from it for a good long while.
    • Pretty much all of the final battle, though it started with Spider-Man finally back for real. From Spider-Man and Venom's aerial battle, Harry's smashing Venom through a wall and blowing up Sandman's giant sand-face, and Peter's Eureka Moment followed by him using sound to hurt the symbiote, the entire battle was just generally awesome.
      • Also, the WAY he uses sound to beat the symbiote. He doesn't just hit two pipes together. He flips all over the battlefield and creates a sound cage MADE of pipes, all while outmaneuvering Venom and just plain beating him back.
  • Admit it: Willem Dafoe's One-Scene Wonder sent a shiver up your spine.
  • Spider-Man landing in front of an American flag wearing his original costume once again while the main theme climaxes, reminding the viewer how iconic his outfit actually is and that Spider-Man is a true American icon.