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Awesome: Space Jam
  • Bill Murray of all people shows up near the end for the Big Damn Heroes moment!
  • When Bugs pulls a Heroic Sacrifice and pushes Lola out of harms way.
  • Michael Jordan gets one when he figures out he can use Toon Physics and stretches his arm out to make a slam dunk from half court for the game winning score.
  • Warner Bros. themselves. To have Jordan in the film they provided the Jordan Dome, a cutting-edge basketball court and training facility that Michael would use during the film's shooting. He was below his normal inhuman standard when coming from retirement, but would come back from the film and lead the Bulls to their legendary 72-10 season and their fourth championship.
  • Wile E. Coyote booby traps one of the hoops...and for once, it doesn't backfire on him. The smile he gives as the trap goes off seals the deal.
    Bugs: Nice kaboom, Wile E.
  • Daffy Duck reverting to his original Crazy Awesome mode, and setting an angry bull on one of the Monstars.
    • Or when he TACKLED a Monstar. "It's gut-check time!" (chik chik)
  • The Mon-Stars get one at the end of the film. After they lose the basketball game thanks to Michael Jordon abruptly learning Toon Physics, Swackhammer repeatedly berates and insults the aliens-turned-monsters and makes threats at what he's going to do them when they get back to Moron Mountain. Michael asks the Mon-Stars why on earth they take this from Swackhammer, and the Mon-Stars reply that it's because Swackhammer is bigger...than they used to be! They turn on Swackhammer and send him back to Moron Mountain alone.
  • Tweety kicking the crap out of four Mon-Stars. At the same time. Followed immediately by Elmer Fudd pulling off a pretty satisfying slam-dunk.
  • After being bullied around the court by the Mon-Stars in the first half of the game, Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes turn the tables in a way that only they could.
    • And they manage to do what the Monstars did to them for two quarters in one.
  • Ending the movie with Jordan making a slam dunk.
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