* [[TheAtoner Siegfried]] vs. [[BigBad Nightmare]] during the climax of ''Soulcalibur III''. The winner then gets an awesome PreAsskickingOneLiner when he turns to fight you:
-->'''Siegfried''': "If you're after the [[EvilWeapon sword]], don't expect to get past here alive. Sorry to keep you... you're up next!"\\
'''Nightmare''': [[EvilLaugh Ahahahaha!]] The time is ripe... You shall become part of me. You are my first sacrifice!"
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBVdXToUvII Ezio Auditore's announcement trailer.]] The trailer initially plays it up as a [[InvincibleVillain Nightmare-kicking-everybody-else's-asses trailer]], only for the trailer to "glitch" up... Ezio shows up a couple of minutes later, and asskicking ensues. (All to a remix of [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic "Venice Rooftops,"]] no less.)
** And at the end, having taken Nightmare's spotlight completely, he faces down the abomination calmly... And then uses the hidden blade on ''Nightmare''.
* During the ending of Chronicles of the Sword, your protagonist is hailed as a hero--and has a statue built in his/her honor.
* The series' signature intro quotes create rare moments where character taunts match up perfectly, such as...
-->'''Algol:''' "[[BloodKnight Fighting is my all... it is my existence]]!"\\
'''Nightmare:''' "[[EvilerThanThou Your existence is meaningless]]!"\\
'''Talim:''' "[[MartialPacifist I don't want to fight]]!"\\
'''Raphael:''' "[[ExactWords Very well]], [[LetsDance let us dance]]."\\
'''Raphael:''' "[[WeCanRuleTogether Would you like a taste]] [[OurVampiresAreDifferent of my power]]?"\\
'''Mitsurugi:''' "[[ShutUpHannibal Let me give you a taste...]] [[BadassNormal of my steel]]."\\
'''Created Character[[note]]Super Human voice set (in ''SCV'')[[/note]]:''' "[[WhatTheHellHero Why do you choose to fight?]]"\\
'''Siegfried:''' "[[TheAtoner You could never understand]]."\\
'''Female Voice 4[[note]]in ''SCIV''[[/note]]:''' "Effort and talent, [[HardWorkHardlyWorks they are meaningless.]]"\\
'''Female Voice 2[[note]]in ''SCIV''[[/note]]:''' "[[SillyRabbitCynicismIsForLosers What would you call true strength?]]"
* Cassandra's ''SCIV'' ending. [[spoiler:Not only does she manage to defeat Algol and destroy Soul Edge, she also manages to break up Soul Calibur ''with her own hands''. Too bad it's non-canon. But the best part has to be this:]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Soul Calibur''': You dare extinguish the light of humanity just to suit yourself?]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Cassandra''': [[ShutUpHannibal After what you've done to Sophitia... You call yourself the light of humanity? GET SERIOUS!!!]] ''(snaps Soul Calibur in two)'']]