Awesome / Sonic Battle

  • For most of Sonic Battle, Shadow is bent on destroying Emerl, with Sonic protecting the robot (who he had befriended) being his main obstacle. Then during the second to last story, to Shadow's surprise, Sonic simply lets him take Emerl with him a few moments after he (Shadow) reaffirmed that he was going to destroy the robot. It then turns that after seeing how similar he and Emerl are, Shadow sympathizes with him and chooses to help him rather than destroy him. Sonic had seen all of this development coming and had Emerl go with Shadow to make it happen.
  • Sonic in the ending. Yes, it was very sad. It also involves beating the hell out of a robotic Physical God who currently has all the Chaos Emeralds — with his bare hands and no Emerald assistance whatsoever. It also involves no fatal seconds wasted on looking for Emerl in there somewhere. He Shoots the Dog as soon as he realizes he has to. He doesn't even Wangst about it, before or after (Manly Tears are 100% in play though). We all knew Sonic was made of all kinds of iron, but... damn.
  • One of Eggman's traps to catch Sonic actually works, albeit on Knuckles.
  • At the beginning of her chapter, Cream obstinately refuses to fight, even though they've just been kidnapped by Doctor Eggman, because seeing people fight makes her sad. This ends up effecting Emerl, who, up until this point, had been treating fighting as "play time." However, when Cream sees Emerl refuse to fight against Chaos Gamma, and take a beating in the process, Cream decides that it's okay to fight if you're protecting someone, and proceeds to fight off Chaos Gamma single-handedly to buy enough time for them to escape.