Awesome / Some Jerk with a Camera

  • The speech he gives in his ''Step by Step Goes to Disney World'' review when Flash performs in the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, one of the park's most dangerous shows a stunt member can perform. To give you an idea, it took the ride almost 20 years note  for a stunt member to die from an accident, albeit during a rehearsal and not the actual show. For an unrehearsed amateur like Flash to perform the show flawlessly just goes to show you; don't piss the man off.
  • The ending to Season One where he and his friends destroy It's a Small World.
  • His review of Escape from Tomorrow where he tears apart the movie for its sheer ineptitude.
    • Even in his Disneyland-hating funk, Jerk still points out the inaccuracies of the film's portrayal of the park, like in his "ABC Goes to Walt Disney World" retrospective.
    • Despite his hatred for the movie, he still gives props to Roy Abramsohn, who played Jim, for doing a decent job with the script he was given. This is followed up with a recorded Shout-Out from him at the film's premiere.
    • Trevor McCune (who played the valet during the film's final scene) showing up at the end not only to give Jerk his view on the film's ending, but telling him about his experience when filming his scene.
    • He calls out the producers' hypocrisy for trying to get his review removed from Youtube while trying to invoke the Streisand Effect for publicity. He also points out that Disney itself has never tried to get any of his videos removed from Youtube.
  • In their review of The Haunted Mansion, Jerk, Count Jackula, and Horror Guru do an epic take down of the When You Coming Home, Dad? trope that was rampant in family films made during The '90s and the Turn of the Millennium. To the tune of Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin.