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Awesome / Sleeping Dogs

  • Wei vs the ten Dogeyes goons in the martial arts tutorial. Its allows Wei to be inducted into the Water Street Gang.
  • During the Serial Killer Case, Sun On Yee members are being kidnapped and murdered for their organs. Wei finds out that one of his friends, Calvin, is next. When Wei arrives , Calvin is just being tossed in the trunk of a car. Wei is now in a bit of a predicament: if he rescues Calvin, then he'll expose the fact that he's a cop. So he pulls off an action hijack (In other words, He jumps on top of a moving car from a moving car ala. Pursuit Force) subdues the kidnapper and leaves Calvin in the truck for the police to deal with. It pretty much makes the player feel like a complete badass.
  • Near the end of the "Dockyard Heist" mission, Jackie finds himself trapped in the back of a cargo truck with an 18K bruiser as the truck speeds off. After Wei manages to stop the truck, he quickly opens up the back intent on rescuing his friend, only to find that Jackie has already beaten the thug into submission on his own. To put that in perspective, Jackie is rail thin, has only recently made his first kill (and isn't feeling too good about it) and has been repeatedly shown as far inferior to Wei in hand-to-hand combat.
  • The penultimate mission is awesome on so many levels, Wei gets captured and brutally tortured by Mr. Tong after finding Jackie's body, then he breaks free from his bonds and escape from the apartment, killing everyone in his path, then he gets into a fight with Mr. Tong and after defeating him, stabs him through the chest with his own machete!
    • The drive to the final mission builds tension quite nicely. As you speed to the election, you start hearing quotes from various characters at different points in the story while a great, low key song plays. It really makes you feel ready to finish things for good.
    • Then in the final mission, you invade Big Smile Lee's compound, slaughtering your way through his henchman and chasing him down, and after defeating Lee in a fistfight, Wei feeds him into an ice chipper.
      • Mr. Tong's machete, the one he tries to use to kill Wei, has unlimited durability, unlike the kitchen knives and cleavers most thugs have been using as improvised melee weapons. If you brought it with you, you can slaughter Lee's mooks with the blade of his own Torture Technician right up until the point where you shank in the back the guy who has a gun for you to steal.
      • Also confronting Pendrew at the end, Wei reveals evidence that implicated him in the murder of Uncle Po, Pendrew's Oh Crap! reaction was priceless
  • Winston's mother takes one of the men responsible for Winston's murder, chops him up and makes him into stew. Then when Wei brings her Dogeyes, the man who ordered the hit, she starts to feed him the first guy, and lectures him. Near the climax, one of Lee's men makes the mistake of turning his back on her to point his gun at Wei. While she has her signature cleaver. She basically puts it clean through his collarbone.
  • The entirety of the martial arts clubs are like this. Wei Shen is forced not only to fight one guy at a time but two, three, and eventually seemingly a dozen at once. He then kicks their ass.
    • Bonus points if he's wearing the Bruce Lee yellow tracksuit.
  • The finale of the funeral shoot out where you have to use a grenade launcher to take down dozens of cars filled with 18K Triads.
  • Despite being extremely difficult, the fight in Club Bam Bam had many an awesome moment. This troper especially enjoyed jumping off the higher platform and watching the floor panel underneath him explode in sparks during the landing.
    • To say nothing of if/when you smash a guy into an aquarium, before picking up a fish and beating enemies to death with it. The game will actually acknowledge this with an achievement.