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Awesome: Skyland
  • Mila easily taking down Diwan in a seijin fight in Dawn of a New Day.
    • Mahad slicing all the Brigs' heads off just by one throw of his boomerang behind a wall in this same episode.
      • And this was while the brigs were shooting at him as he ran back to a spot to catch the boomerang.
  • Any moment where Lena uses her Seijin powers.
  • Dahlia attacking Oslo to stop him from controlling her body with the help of Lena in Manipulations.
    • Not that Lena succeeded at helping her that much, anyway...
      • This also may have been the first time that a character besides Lena was able to even try a hit on Oslo!
  • Cheng blasting the Mogura with a BFG in the episode...well... ''Mogura''
    Mahad: This is not a game! This is real!
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