Awesome: Sky High

  • Boomer at full power is loud enough to shake the school to its foundation.
  • The Commander and Jetstream taking out Royal Pain's giant robot early in the film. One hit, and the Commander gleefully takes the robots eye as a prize while waving to the crowd afterwards.
    • Awesomeness diminished because Royal Pain was counting on this so she could use the eye to spy on them.
  • Layla is confronted in the cafeteria by Penny and her multiples. She summons a truckload of vines to tie them up. Penny did not know about Layla's powers, declaring "I thought you were a sidekick!" Layla smiles, "I am a sidekick."
  • "And I'm Ron Wilson - Bus Driver!"
  • "Surprised? So am I."
  • "Sucks for you!" - Which bridges on Nightmare Fuel
  • The Hannibal Lecture at the party is a dark one.
  • Ethan giving Warren a big help in taking out Speed, and singlehandedly taking Dash out himself, in contrast to his being bullied by them earlier in the film.
  • When the Commander gives the kids and Ron Wilson the hero award and actually refers to them as heroes. Made even more awesome with the Well Done, Former Sidekick moment right afterward with Mr. Boy: "Oh, and Jonathan - whatever you're teaching these kids, keep teaching them... it."