Awesome / Siskel & Ebert

  • Ebert proves his wisdom on film criticism (such as comparing/contrasting similar movies instead of comparing apples and oranges) when the duo reviewed War of the Worlds:
    Roeper: Before we move on, I just want to make this clear. So if you're standing there in a multiplex, and you've got your nine or ten bucks in your hand, you're saying that you should go see The Longest Yard or The Honeymooners before you should go see War of the Worlds.
    Ebert: I'm saying- well, how many times do I have to explain to you that ratings are relative, not absolute?
    Roeper: You, you know, I understand it, I'm just saying-
    Ebert: I'm saying if E.T. gets four stars and Close Encounters gets four stars, this gets two stars.
    Roeper: And Longest Yard gets thumbs up, and this gets thumbs down.
    Ebert: Well, y'know, oddly enough, no. It doesn't work that way.
    Roeper: Well how does it not work that way?
    Ebert: Because, people should be smart enough-
    Roeper: Right.
    Ebert: ...To listen to what we say instead of looking at the dumb thumbs and the dumb stars, because there are gradations and contexts that go on.
  • Siskel and Ebert devoted an entire segment in a 1995 episode to calling out Bob Dole's ignorant Moral Guardian comments on recent movies, including criticizing his Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch and Praising Shows You Don't Watch.
  • The episode "Hollywood's Outdated Ratings System", a pre-NC-17 episode that both called out hypocrisy among the MPAA and championed for an adults only rating that isn't porn.
  • The duo was highly impressed with the documentary Hoop Dreams, so when it wasn't even nominated for best documentary in the 1995 Academy Awards (the most it got was a nomination in the editing category, which it lost to Forrest Gump), they didn't take it well and called out the flawed documentary branch in the nomination process.
  • Ebert's epic rant against Product Placement and Bill Cosby selling out during their review of Leonard Part 6.