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Awesome: Shortpacked!
  • The Robin vs Legion of Something fight. Which peaked when Robin shoved Faz's head up Sarah Palin's ass!
    • Which also crosses into homage/parody territory, considering that it's Shortpacked's version of "Code of Hero" from Beast Wars. Incidentally, Davis used this arc to promote Dinobot to get him into the TF's Hall of Fame—and it worked.
  • Ronald Reagan. Stopping a break-in. With patriotism.
    • Also, Ronald Reagan lecturing Bruce Tinsley on "sides".
    Ronald Reagan: Son, I have come to believe that the conservative way of life, what I stood for, is about personal responsibility. A restoration of the American precept that each individual is responsible for his actions. It shouldn't be about sides. When you worry more about sides than what the good lord taught you, you weren't on the right side to begin with. Unless we're talking about those darn communists, what with their souls full of maggots.
  • "Leslie is the Cookie Monster, and I! Am! The Friggin'! Cookies! Hawk your substandard wares elsewhere."
  • Mike's proposal to Amber, which he put together by switching the door placards of Amber and Jacob's apartment a year prior and stealing Amber's mother's cell phone so that she'd go to Jacob's apartment looking for it and Jacob, who was in the thralls of his sex addiction, would seduce her, so that he could record the sounds of their lovemaking and edit them into a marriage proposal. Which actually backfires, since he had intended to it to drive Amber to leave him.
  • Ninja Rick gets two. Both times he's given a dramatic entrance leaping from behind the person introducing him, sword drawn. One is when he's used to beat the crap out of someone holding up the store:
    • It's worth noting that he actually puts up a decent fight, even stopping a bullet with his sword at one point. We never find out what took him out of the fight after Robin gets shot.
    • And second when Faz uses him to usurp Galasso's position:
    Galasso: You dare presume—
  • "I slept with Ethan! I rode him like a Harley over a bad stretch of road. And you never, ever will."
  • Amazi-girl™ is immune to criticism.
  • Try harder.
  • Amber finally calls out her dad for everything he's done to her. He was in a coffin at the time, but it's the thought that counts.
  • Lucy demonstrates Starfire's influence on her to be a strong feminine figure while still being a nice girl.
  • Happened off-screen, but Robin managed to defeat Head Alien II. How? By cutting him up into sixteen pieces with a laser cannon and chucking the pieces in several different alternate dimensions. Why? Because he hurt Leslie.
  • When Rachel shows up to pull the Alternate Universe's Drama Tag, she effortlessly defeats the alternate versions of Galasso, Ninja Rick, and Malaya. It was so awesome that Leslie and Alternate Amber were turned on by it. And several of the fans were apparently turned into lesbians. Even the men.
  • The story where Les gets kidnapped. After beating her location out of Faz, Amber tries to convince her that it's too dangerous and she should give up. Robin's response? Let's do this poop. She then picks up a toy foam sword and proceeds to own three douches in short order, get Walter Mondale to quit, and after a beat down by Sarah Palin, gets back up and gives her a colonoscopy Faz-styled. All in the setting of the Shortpacked store which is dark because it's pre-opening hours.
  • The robber arc.
    Galasso: First mistake: Never tell Galasso what to do. Second Mistake: Never assume a man does not have ninjas at his disposal.
    So after you were shot, Ronnie got up and disarmed the robber himself. With patriotism.
    Robber: [As he is loaded into an ambulance] IT WAS REAGAN, I TELL YOU! RONALD REAGAN BROKE MY LEGS!
  • Straw Vulcans, take note: this is how a real scientist handles emotions.
  • Dude, go Amber! She tells off Faz, beats up Ninja Rick, and yells at Reagan.
    • Faz's line just before the showdown. This troper didn't even know one could talk dirty to a girl in Spock Speak...
  • The last two panels of this strip are definitely another win for Amber.
  • The actual phrase "Crowning Moment of Awesome" is used in this strip. The walls of fiction and reality are breaking down! I don't know what to believe any more!
  • Mike, MIKE, has an Even Evil Has Standards moment with the aptly named Asshole Guy. Yeah he's a lot crueler than anybody else in the comic, but at least he cops to it.
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