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Awesome: Shoot 'em Up
  • Pretty much the entire movie. The only reason it even exists is because of the Rule of Cool.
    • The movie is made of these, and it's tempting to just put down "Any time Mr. Smith touches a gun", but probably the front-runner is the fight at the end after the Big Bad has broken all his fingers. His solution to this? Take the bullets out of his gun, put them between his broken fingers and hold his hand in a fire. The bullets go off and the Big Bad is shot four times in the chest. So what if it wouldn't work in real life? That's not the fucking point!
      • I'd be happy to go with "Any time Mr. Smith touches a carrot."
    • Sorry, but the CMoA has to be Smith having sex with the hooker/love interest and then being interrupted by an invading SWAT team. I say "interrupted" but what I mean is they showed up and he killed all of them, whilst continuing to satisfy her in a variety of positions.
  • Smith takes on Hertz and 50 mooks and wins. Lampshaded by Hertz himself.

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