Awesome: Shokojo Sera

For every moment of darkness that the show has, Shokojo Sera has others that will have you cheering wildly.
  • The Magic. Sara, who has almost died of a fever, wakes up to find that her dream of a warm room and food has come true - and this gives her and her friend Becky the strength to go on. We later learn that Sara's mysterious benefactor was her next-door neighbour, Mr. Carrisford, who felt sorry for her though he did not yet know who she was.
  • In the next-to-last episode, Miss Minchin - believing that Sara has run to the neighbour's home to complain about her - angrily sets out to bring her back. After being told to her dismay that Sara is once more a heiress, the neighbours (Mr. Carrisford and his solicitor) deliver the coup de grace by asking her to speak to Sara in person. Cue Sara descending the steps wearing a sumptuous gown decorated with diamonds, and accompanied by Donald and Janet Carmichael, their mother, and Ram Dass. Miss Minchin can only blurt out "Sa-Sara... diamond princess..." before utterly collapsing.
  • Amelia Minchin - portrayed throughout the series as kindly, but weak and ineffectual - giving her domineering elder sister, Miss Minchin, the smackdown in the second last episode, completely reversing the dynamic in their relationship.
  • The closing scene, where Sara's friends bid her goodbye as her ship leaves for India - including Peter and all his friends who helped her out at some of her lowest moments, calling out "Come back soon, Mistress!"
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