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Awesome: Shigeru Miyamoto
  • He created Mario, Donkey Kong AND Zelda.
    • Not counting the Wii U (yet), he has created at least one major franchise on every home console except for the Nintendo 64. To have such a long lasting direct influence in gaming is sheer Badassery.
  • Having more than just about anyone to do with bringing video games Back from the Dead in The Eighties.
    • And said involvement leading to so much Creator Worship, that even Playstation and Xbox fans actively defend him. That's how awesome this man is.
  • How about right after Twilight Princess was revealed, Miyamoto shows up on stage swinging around a replica Master Sword and Hylian Shield and give a quick speech about Zelda.
    Shigeru Miyamoto: ...In order to grow, Link must not stand still, and neither can, thank you! *sword swing* And good-bye!
  • As stated on the main article, he's been knighted by the French ministry of culture. It says a lot about the Video Games medium slowly getting acknowledged as a form of culture.
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