Awesome / Shanghai Noon

Shanghai Noon
  • The climax of the shootout between Roy and Van Cleef, as Roy charges out screaming with One Bullet Left and Van Cleef opens up on him with Guns Akimbo, bullets flying all around Roy's body ... and then he fires and puts his single shot right through Van Cleef's badge and into his heart!
    • Followed by Roy looking at the bullet holes in his robe.
      Roy: It's a miracle. I am invincible. Roy! Invincible!
    • Seeing how his real name is Wyatt Earp, it could just be Truth in Television.
  • Roy puts a little lampshade on the Big Damn Heroes moment.
    Imperial Guard: Chon Wang!
    Roy: That's right, Johnny Wayne's here.
  • "This is the West, not the East. The sun may rise where we come from ... but here is where it sets."
  • Jackie Chan's most creative fights in a Western film (and in literally a Western film). Horseshoes, revolving doors, umbrellas, evergreen trees, anything and everything becomes a weapon in the hands of Chon Wang.
    • Special mention for using antler horns as a bat'leth during the barroom brawl.
  • Every time Chon Wang's wife saves him and Roy.

Shanghai Knights
  • Chon Lin's run-in with Jack the Ripper after escaping the brothel, only to knock him over a bridge, shouting out "$%^&ING LOSER!"
  • Jackie Chan vs. Donnie Yen. What more can you ask?