Awesome: Shanghai Noon

Shanghai Noon
  • Roy looks at the bullet holes in his robe.
    Roy: It's a miracle. I am invincible. Roy! Invincible!
  • Roy puts a little lampshade on the Big Damn Heroes moment.
    Imperial Guard: Chon Wang!
    Roy: That's right, Johnny Wayne's here.
  • "This is the West, not the East. The sun may rise where we come from... but here is where it sets."
  • Jackie Chan's most creative fights in a Western film (and in literally a Western film). Horseshoes, revolving doors, umbrellas, evergreen trees, anything and everything becomes a weapon in the hands of Chon Wang.
    • Special mention for using antler horns as a bat'leth during the barroom brawl.
  • Every time Chon Wang's wife saves him and Roy.

Shanghai Knights
  • Chon Lin's run-in with Jack the Ripper after escaping the brothel, only to knock him over a bridge, shouting out "$%^&ING LOSER!"
  • Jackie Chan vs. Donnie Yen. What more can you ask?