[[caption-width-right:350: [[YouGoGirl The day Tinka crushed Ty's "male ego"]]]]

* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: ''[[TitleThemeTune Shake It Up]]'' by Music/SelenaGomez and ''Roll The Dice''.
** ''Something To Dance For'' by Creator/ZendayaColeman from "Apply It Up".
** "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPNMGYOm1aM Watch Me]]" by Bella and Zendaya.
* Rocky showing off her KidDetective skills by solving the mystery of the Shake It Up Chicago phantom in "Whodunit Up?" single-handed.
* In ''Shake It Up: Made in Japan'', Cece and Rocky choose to dance in front of a crowd that clearly hates them and ends up getting their respect back.
* Ty and Gunther outsmarting Flynn after he manipulated them in Egg It Up
* In "Love & War It Up" Rocky asks Cece and Logan to give each other a chance so she (Rocky) and Logan could date. Cece agrees and at Logan's badminton game, Cece accidentally causes Logan to lose. Even though it was clearly an accident, Logan acts like a JerkAss towards Cece and tells her never to talk to him again. Here's where it becomes awesome. Rocky (who fell for Logan only days after meeting him and after the engagement) is so disgusted by the fact that Logan didn't give Cece a chance she dumps his sorry butt.
* One of Cece's classmates tries to embarrass her by forcing her to answer a question about the French Revolution. She responds that she doesn't know the answer - and then proceeds to give an explanation of why she didn't think the French Revolution was such a good idea, using real-life examples from her work on Shake It Up Chicago, impresses the teacher, and totally shows up the guy who was trying to humiliate her.