Awesome / Shadows Of The Azure

Here goes the awesome moments for Shadows Of The Azure.

  • Ragna using Carnage Scissors to defeat Shadow Ragna, after Tao uses Hexa Edge and Yu uses Ziodyne.
  • Akihiko doesn't get trashed by Terumi. Then again, Terumi's just restraining himself for other plans.
  • Chie's solo fight against Shadow Bang.
  • Yosuke managing to fend off Shadow Fuuka on his own, and also defeating her!
  • Mitsuru's sheer willpower against Relius' tortures. She survives having her memories, all the worst, sorted through, and doesn't break down when he brings up the events of The Answer (namely, her siding with Yukari as the latter was going through a breakdown, leading to the fight over the Keys).