Awesome / Sengoku Youko

  • Douren defeating the ten celestial saints.
    • What's worse is the fact that almost all of them died.
      • The capper is that Yazen spent so much effort in creating them, yet had no doubt Douren would beat them.
  • The entire assault on the main Daiganshu temple arc.
    Jinka: I think I just saw a mountain kick a castle...
  • Senya's battle with Mudo.
  • Shunsuke revealing that he was the one who taught Senya how to enter the mental world of others and using that ability to save Shakugan.
  • Douren vs Jinun comes to an end with Douren triumphing over him.
    • And when the Tribe of the Void tries controlling him, he pulls a No-Sell.
  • Chapter 86: Senya and Mudo laying out Banshou with a single hit.
  • Chapter 87: The monks in Senya's spiritual world make Amaterasu practically useless by thinking that cloudy skies are better than the sun (the others call it genius). Senya turns the image of his Father's might into someone scared of caterpillars. In a single instant, they take the greatest weapon the Tribe of the Void has and make it into a plaything.