Awesome: seaQuest DSV

  • Crowning Music of Awesome : The main theme, of course.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: A somewhat meta one: "The Good Death" opens with one of the best bridge-in-combat scenes ever filmed as SeaQuest chases down a hostile submarine. This is despite (or rather because of) the fact it deploys the absolutely minimum of special effects shots, and instead focuses on the crew doing their jobs as they pass information and carry out orders. It reinforces the crew's teamwork and professionalism: these are the best and brightest of the UEO.
    • It shows in "Bad Water" as well: The SeaQuest is heavily damaged by a lightning strike from a connected communications buoy on the surface; they have no power for anything; are in the middle of two rapidly-increasing-in-urgency rescue operations (one including children, and the other with 4 valued crew members), while the SeaQuest is hovering over multiple potentially dangerous sinkholes that could trap the ship with a wrong move. So they take a WSKR from outside and convert it into a makeshift power-channeler, for one-station-at-a-time and for only 30 seconds each (the others effectively dead on this rotating cycle), in the middle of dealing with all of the above... and they save both of them. The crew definitely earned their spots on that ship.
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