* After hearing the keyword, Shaggy ''beats up an entire gang of biker thugs.'' [[https://twitter.com/FourScore64/status/855937495430828033 Here's the scene where that happens.]] A more full version [[https://youtu.be/PLVnx9R7LrA can be seen here.]]
* Not to mention Shaggy managing to [[spoiler: win his motorcycle race and take down the Phantasour, despite never riding one since last night.]] Daphne must be a really good teacher.
* While Tex is on his bike, he manages to ''nail a velociraptor in the face!''
* During the Phantosaur's first attack, Scooby saves Shaggy in a pretty remarkable chase. Points also go to the amazing CGI during the sequence.
* Shaggy and Tex's motorcycle race. Sure Shaggy was under hypnosis at the time, but that's still something you never thought you'd see Shaggy do.
* Velma gets a small one when she stops Scooby and Shaggy from dying in a motorcycle crash.
* Shaggy managing to save everyone from the collapsing cave without being under hypnosis.