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Awesome: Samuel L. Jackson
  • Jackson came to Reddit with an offer: donate at least $70,000 to Alzheimer's Association, and he would select a monologue to read from all their submissions. The donations ran so high ($130,000!) that he decided to read two monologues.
    • In the first monologue, he cancels the monologue to announce he's giving up acting to become a vigilante crime-fighter.
      • Which was faked. The "vigilante announcement" was just the chosen monologue. Trolling successful.
    • In the second, he gives the "I am the one who knocks speech" from Breaking Bad.
  • Samuel L. Jackson giving Marvel permission to use his likeness for Ultimate Nick Fury on the condition that he gets to portray the character in a Live Action Film. This was in 2002, long before Marvel even thought of creating their Cinematic Universe. Since then, Ultimate Nick Fury has become the Breakout Character of the Ultimate Universe, now being used as the design for Nick Fury in every adaptation, and even supplanting the classic Nick Fury in the main Universe. Jackson also had a guaranteed contract for the billion dollar MCU Franchise. Magnificent Bastard anyone?
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