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Awesome: Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo
  • Episode 8: "Crap. I think I'm actually enjoying this!" This is Sorata saying how failure made him not want to stop trying, because now that he knows how much it hurts, he also knows that nothing but success can satisfy him.
  • Let's just say that when Misaki drives, you're in for a fun ride.
  • Galactic Cat Nyaboron! Props to Mashiro, who was the last one anyone expected to shout her heart out.
  • Whenever Rita surprise kisses Ryuunosuke.
  • Nanami keeps her promise to Misaki: "Jump into outer space!"
  • The fistfight (if it could be even called a fight) between Jin and Sorata.
  • Miyahara helping Sorata get to Nanami with "the power of a loser's love."
  • The credits sequence in the final episode.
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