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* As mentioned above, Sailor Venus's debut: First she scolded Usagi ''from the Sailor V Game'' for not noticing the Dark Kingdom's plan faster, then, when Zoisite had just kicked the collective asses of the Sailor Soldiers, blocked away Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Venus rescued Moon... By hacking Zoisite in many tiny pieces. ''With a boomerang''. ''Then'' we see Sailor Venus, emerging from the shadows and walking like a top model.
* In the manga version of the Dark Kingdom saga, a brainwashed Makoto try and steal the Silver Crystal. It's Usagi against the super strong Makoto, she's doomed, right? Cue Minako knocking Makoto out [[OneHitKO with a single kick]], after a FlashStep.
** The Italian version of the manga manages to make it even more awesome with FridgeLogic by continuously calling Makoto as "Sailor Jupiter of the [[SuperStrength Herculean Strength]]", not allowing the reader to forget that Makoto has SuperStrength all the time. And yet, how did Minako defeat her?
* From the manga, the two encounters between Sailor Venus and Beryl. One was during the fall of the Silver Millennium, the other was during the series proper. Both times, Venus ''skewered Beryl'' with the symbol of her authority as leader of the Four Guardian Soldiers, a sword almost as tall as her ''tougher than diamond [[NoKillLikeOverkill and poisonous to boot]]''.
** Before Venus kills Beryl, Jupiter snatches the Holy Sword out of Venus's hands and cuts the hair Beryl was using to strangle Sailor Moon.
* Ami gets one in the ''S'' manga when she infiltrates Mugen Academy, confirms that it is the Death Busters headquarters, destroys a security camera by flinging a regular pen into the lens, and escapes by jumping out a 13-story window. All this ''before'' transforming! She finally transforms during her escape and uses it to land safely in a swimming pool.
* In the [=SuperS=] manga, the scene where the Inner Senshi have been captured by the Amazoness Quartet and the Outers -- who they haven't seen for quite a while -- show up to save them. Complete with Sailor Saturn, who has stopped, well, being a baby.
* Let's not forget how Ami, Rei and Makoto manage to undo their BroughtDownToNormal phases ''and'' also fight back against the Amazon Trio when they try to lock each girl in a LotusEaterMachine via toying with their insecurities. And in the case of Minako, we have [[spoiler: Artemis not only refusing to leave Minako when she's attacked while in such a state and begs him to leave her, but also unlocking his human form to save both of them from an attack coming from above.]]
* Nehelenia's defeat in the Super S manga. She tried to steal the Silver Imperium Crystal from Super Sailor Moon, and, naturally, it didn't work. It leads to a moment where Usagi and Mamoru embrace, and in that embrace, the two are able to take back the crystal as they combine their love and their power. Creator/NaokoTakeuchi [[{{Badass}} weaponized]] [[ThePowerofLove a romantic embrace.]] It gets even better as Sailor Moon delivers a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech to Nehelenia in her OneWingedAngel form.
-->'''Queen Nehelenia''': This can't be!!!
-->'''Sailor Moon''': You can't take power! Power is created. And it can't be created alone... nor can it be used alone! '''I'll show you what our power is made of!'''
* Sailor Moon basically telling Sailor Chi to take a long walk off a short pier before blasting her in the manga was awesome. Oh, and tanking a Planet Attack from all the bracletted evil-Senshi and repairing her broken staff and blasting them all to dust with a single attack while still kneeling on the floor.



* Ever since DiC's license for Sailor Moon expired, companies have been DYING to grab it and license it, namely Geneon, Creator/FUNimation, or ADV. Who wound up licensing the series in the end? Creator/VizMedia. Not only that, they nabbed the final season (''Sailor Stars''), which has been unlicensed until now because the creator knew that most countries would ban or censor that season (which introduces three male pop singers who transform into female Sailor Scouts). Best of all, they're going above and beyond to not only release the show in the best quality possible, but are giving it a COMPLETELY new English dub, that's unedited, uncut, uncensored, and has better voice acting and less filler.
** [[ The reveal trailer.]]
* Creator/VizMedia just revealed [[ in an interview]] that Sailor Moon is the ''#1 most watched show on Hulu'' and pre-orders for the [=DVDs=] are the '''absolute highest''' in the company's history!