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Awesome: Superwomen of Eva 2: The Ultimate Rush

  • Mari saving a mother, her daughter, and some guy from the 9th Angel in her debut as the Flash, and fixing the guy's bike, and getting them to a shelter, and then trying to stop the Angel.
  • The old Rogues coming out of retirement to save the new Flash from the new Rogues. Those old villains really know how to throw down. They're still old villains though and almost kill the new Rogues . . . until Mari stops them, and they listen to her.
  • Mari traveling around the world and almost hitting the Speed Force in order to deliver a Megaton Kick to Zeruel. Prior to that, there's her detonating her beloved Unit-05 to try to do some damage, and then setting Zeruel on fire with pure friction from running all over its skin.
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