Awesome / Scandal

  • Olivia's "I could have a reporter here, asking why you are prosecuting an innocent medal-of-honor winner. That was me threatening you."
  • Olivia and her team fighting against dictators, a Corrupt Corporate Executive, a Spoiled Brat who jumped the slippery slope, and a lot of evil people, and still being brave and fighting for what's right.
  • Abby reminding Olivia of who she is, after repeating calmly : "Well, I wanted to leave Charles.", she bursts and shouts everything she has kept on her, proving how much of an Iron Woobie and The Heart she is.
  • Congresswoman Josephine Marcus delivering a scathing speech about sexism in politics.
  • Mellie gives an amazing speech in "Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia."
    "I just want to be clear that there are some things that I'm just not going to do anymore. Things that just feel like an insulting waste of time once you have held your dead son in your arms. Monitoring you is one of those things. So I'm saying when you see her, and you come home and you're all hot and bothered and you decide to pretend that you are a good family man so you climb into my bed and on top of me. I'm saying when you see her, you will tell me because I'm going to want some warning because I donít know if I can even imagine getting turned on by you right now. Oh and FYI when you stick your hand into my panties, another thing that I just donít do anymore is wax. So it's 1976 down there so you maybe wouldn't be turned on by me anyways. So the point is, when you see her you will tell me."
  • Olivia spends most of "The Lawn Chair" hanging on by the proverbial thread. She's still awesome, though.
    Olivia: The fact that they stand in the street and say things you do not like does not make them a mob. It makes them Americans.
  • Huck lays Rowan/Eli out in "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Huck calls Rowan a failure as a father, since Olivia hates him. Rowan is at a loss for words.
  • Fitz arriving completely unannounced at Olivia's apartment, accompanied by the full Presidential motorcade and the Secret Service, just to take her on a date. Doubles as a heartwarming moment because he doesn't care about whether the media (still attacking Olivia for revealing their affair) hounds them or not.
  • One early episode involved OPA defending a politician who they screwed over. He killed the guy his wife was sleeping with. At the end of the episode, we learn that he knew all along, and murdered the lover, and everything else was him tap-dancing. And Liv can't do a thing about the fact that she just got a murderer off.
  • The stunning showdown between Olivia and Annalise Keating on everything from Annalise being "blacker" than Olivia to their various personal failings. The fact they have their hair in curlers in a beauty salon doesn't take away from how fantastic seeing them face off is.